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Vegan for the Holidays

Vegan for the Holidays has sold out its first printing.
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Words from Other Birds Archive

Past Words from Other Birds Articles

Dr. Lawenda Transforms Health Care by Steven Lawenda, June/July 2017

Introduction to Organic Food by Keith Higgins, April/May/June 2017

Senior Vegans Opting for a Meat-Free Life in Later Years by Jess Walter, April/May/June 2017

Shayda Tells Her Story by Shayda Soleymani, December 2016/April 2017

Rocket Your Way to a Delicious Star-Studded 4th, July 2016 to November 2016

Vegan Food in Warsaw by Ken Spector, October 2015 to June 2016

Cauliflower Cavalcade,September 2015 to June 2016

Vegan Street Fair in Los Angeles Makes History by Marc Bernstein, April/May/June/July/August 2015

What I Have Learned About Going Vegan by Heather Shenkman,December 2014/January/February/ March 2015

Why Aren't There More British Vegan Athletes? by Davina Leonard, August/September/October/November 2014

Roasted Apricot Custard Pie by Annie Oliverio, August/September 2014

The Great Zucchini Extravaganza--Not Your Same Old Squash by Eleven Famous Chefs, July 2014

Seductive Stuffed Zucchini by Zel Allen, July 2014

Crunchy "Nutella" Zucchini Cream Pie Bars by Brandi Doming, July 2014

Chocolate Zucchini Nut Muffins by Denise Bird, July 2014

Zucchini Alla Griglia by Jason Wyrick, July 2014

Tortilla Soup by Sharon Palmer, July 2014

Chocolate Zucchini Cake by Sarah McMinn, July 2014

Raw Squash "Noodles" with Tomato Sauce by Nava Atlas, July 2014

Creamy Squash Casserole by Bianca Phillips, July 2014

Raw Vegan Zucchini Pasta with Pesto by Susanna Liang, July 2014

Slow-Cooked Zucchini Coins with Chopped Herbs and Toasted Pinenuts by Deborah Madison, July 2014

Zucchini Ramen by Jennifer Cornbleet, July 2014

I Quit My Job Selling Frozen Yogurt--and Went Vegan by Cherie Broad, July 2014

The Moral Necessity of Veganism by Rob Marenghi, June 2014

Heart and Soul: Finding the Place Where Spirituality, Compassion, and Veganism Connect by Prarthana Jayaram, June 2014

I Almost Lost It All by John Tanner, April/May 2014

New Year Chili Bash, December 2013/January/February/March 2014

Interview with Brenda Carey, Editor of Vegan Health and Fitness, October/November 2013

Dilemma of Vegetarian Pets by Janet Awe, July/August/September 2013

The Vegan Food in Vegetarian Paradise by John Davis, December 2012/January 2013 through June 2013

An Optimal Plant-Powered Eating Style by Sharon Palmer, September/October/November 2012

Graduates Celebrate 30-Day Sugar, Oil, Salt-Free Unprocessed Food Challenge, July/August 2012

Being a Vegetarian in Egypt by Adam Spawton-Rice, May/June 2012

The Book That Changed My Life by Owen Staples, January/February/March/April 2012

A Voice of Reason in an Unreasonable Society by Julieanna Hever, October/November/December 2011

A Food Chain Is a Food Chain Is a Food Chain by Peter Aladjem, May/June/July/August/September 2011

Controlling Cholesterol and Diabetes by Dan Brook, March/April 2011

Eat, Pray, Love, Vegan Style: The Adverbarie World Tour by Michelle Pokorny and Alicia Benz, December 2010/January/February 2011

How to Protect Your Body While You Lose Weight by Janice Stanger, October/November 2010

Camelot's Kitchen by Shoreh Pirnia, July/August/September 2010

Veganism Saved My Life … Literally by Steve Steiner, May/June 2010

My Blatant Polygamist Affair with Chocolate by Gabriel Constans, February/March/April 2010

But Isn't Olive Oil Healthy? by Matthew Lederman and Alona Pulde, December 2009/January 2010

Okonomiyaki--the Japanese Comfort Food Crepe by Neal Pinckney, September/October/November 2009

Junk Food Dilemma by Hesh Goldstein, July/August 2009

4 Ways You Can End World Hunger by Tina Volpe and Judy Carman, April/May/June 2009

Fans Whoop It Up at Super Bowl Party by Jason Wyrick, February/March 2009

Bold Flavors/Entertaining Non-Vegetarians (Part 2) by Jason Wyrick, September to December 2008

Entertaining Non-Vegetarians (Part 1) by Jason Wyrick, April to August 2008

Chia--Omega-3 Without the Grind by Gloria Hoover, February/March 2008

Three Reasons to Go Vegetarian by Sarah Chamma, December 2007/January 2008

Saving Two Birds with a Stone by Avery Posner, September/October/November 2007

Coconut Oil by Bruce Fife, June/July/August 2007

Fighting E, coli the Old-fashioned Way by Jeff D. Leach, April/May 2007

Going Bananas for Good Health by Dr. Ben Griffes, January/February/March 2007

Who Can You Trust? by Hesh Goldstein, September/October/November /December 2006

How to Eat Well When the Power Goes Out--and Other Survival Tips by Robin Robertson, July/August 2006

Vegetarianism: Inclusion Not Exclusion by Chris Pellant, April/May/June 2006

My Nine-Year-Old Son Wants To Be a Vegetarian by Dolores Cowie, February/March 2006

You Are Not Alone by M. Butterflies Katz, December 2005/January 2006

My Vegan Choice by Joanne Rose, October/November 2005

Making Soymilk at Home by Bill Rumbley, August/September 2005

Fiona Oakes -- Is This Super Woman? by Martin Morgan, June/July 2005

Eco Eating: Eating As If the Earth Matters by Dan Brook, April/May 2005

Elevating our Veganism by Redefining the word "Vegan" by M. Butterflies Katz, February/March 2005

We Have Seen and We Know! by Dr. Jerry Vlasak, November/December 2004/January 2005

Thailand Vegetarian Festival by Michael Commons, September/October 2004

Atkins Comes in Last for Long-Term Weight Maintenance by Dr. Michael Greger, July/August 2004

A Vegetarian Romance by Jenna Johnson, April/May/June 2004

One Wonderful Week Aboard the Wanderbird by Karen and Rick Miles, February/March 2004

Creating Superb Vegan Wine Sauces by Nancy Berkoff, December 2003/January 2004

The High Performance Vegan Athlete by Brendan Brazier, October/November 2003

Converting to a Vegetarian Lifestyle by Karen Keaton, September 2003

Vegan Vistor to London by Neal Pinckney, July/August 2003

Macrobiotic Principles by Giorgio Bosso, June 2003

Solution Soup and The Adventures of The Souper Heroes by Kathleen Keating, May 2003

Not Milk! by Dr. Jerry Vlasik, March-April 2003

Human Insanity (Poem) by M. Joy Katz, February 2003

You've Helped Me Far More Than You Know by John William Allen, January 2003

In Unity There Is Strength by Hesh Goldstein, December 2002

Raw's the Rage: U.S. Raw Restaurants Offer Exceptional Eclectic Diversity, November 2002

Vegan/Holistic Pet Resources by Marr Nealon, October 2002

A True Story About a Dairy Marketing Call by Greg Lawson, August/September 2002

Bovine Bioterrorism: the Perfect Pathogen by Gabe Kirchheimer, May/June/July 2002

Trying to Eat Healthy While Living in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Larry Zeigler, April 2002

Triumph over Cancer, a Natural Approach by Agi Barsi Lidle, March 2002

An Adoption Cancelled by Shirley Dumas, February 2002

Diabetes and Diet by Jay Lavine, December 2001/January 2002

Vegetarian Restaurant Recipes, November 2001

How It All Began (Reversing Heart Disease) by Dr. Neal Pinckney, September/October 2001

A Former Experimenter Reflects by Sandra Larson, August 2001

Hemp Seeds: The Perfect Food by Kelly Smith, July 2001

High Protein Diets, Are You Losing More Than Weight? by Monique Gilbert, June 2001

A Blessing from Heaven by Giorgio Bosso, May 2001

Vegan Pregnancy: Dealing with Your Doctor by Erin Pavlina, April 2001

Frankenfoods: Food Safety Crisis Intensifies by Ronnie Cummins, March 2001

Soy Happy Days Ahead by Johanna McCloy, January-February 2001

Vegetarian Airline Meals Comments by Laura K., December 2000

A Healthy Body is a Healthy Life by Laurie Levine, November 2000

What Are the Bacteria That Cause Foodborne Illness? October 2000

Zinc Makes It to the Big Time by Judy East, September 2000

Ten Advantages of Eating Raw by Susan Jorg, August 2000

What Is EarthSave by Hilda Ward, June/July 2000

The Essenes by Matt Kelly, May 2000

My Life and Beliefs as a Vegetarian by Doctor Irving Kett, April 2000

Some Questions and Answers about Food Irradiation by Danila Oder, March 2000

Mixed Marriages: When Only One of You is Vegetarian by Professor Richard Schwartz, February 2000

It's Soy Easy by Marie Oser, January 2000

Dairy Products and Chronic Disease by Dr. M. M. Van Benschoten, December 1999

My Other Diet Rules by Ben Swets, December 1999

The Fruitarian Diet by David Wolfe, November 1999

Nutrition and Athletic Recovery by Dr. Douglas Graham, November 1999

How to Get Cancer by Dr. Jerry Green, October 1999

Health Is Who You Are by Dr. Chuck Greenwood, September 1999

Optimizing Your Vegetarian Diet Part II by Dr. Jay B. Lavine, August 1999

Optimizing Your Vegetarian Diet Part I by Dr. Jay B. Lavine, July 1999

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