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Vegan for the Holidays

Vegan for the Holidays has sold out its first printing.
New copies and the Kindle Edition are still available for purchase at Amazon.


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Completely Revised and Updated August 1, 2018

When we wing our way around the world wide web, we like to land in certain spots which are vegan and vegetarian friendly. Not only are they friendly, but they provide all kinds of useful information for anyone following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. We have categorized the links under the following categories. If you want to go to a particular category, click on it below.


























American Anti-Vivisection Society
AAVS, founded in 1883, is the first organization focused on ending the use of animals in science. The web site provides education on their non-animal techniques for research and their program of eliminating vivisection and dissection in the classroom by offering alternatives. Their outreach program offers opportunities for interested activists to become involved.

Animal Legal Defense Fund http://www.aldf.org
Visit this web site to learn how ALDF created the first animal's Bill of Rights to grant animal legal rights and save animals wherever they are in perilčin laboratories, on factory farms, and in the wild. They aim to stop the many cruel practices that cause animals to suffer needlessly. Discover the details and how to become involved.

Animal-Welfare.org http://animal-welfare.org
A comprehensive website featuring social considerations of being a vegan, animal cruelty, issues around vegan foods, animal welfare organizations, vegan friendly websites, egg alternatives, and cruelty-free links.

Born Free USA http://www.bornfreeusa.org/
This organization focuses on ending the use and abuse of animals in circuses, in agriculture, science, education, marine life and wild life. The web presence sites the numerous abuses experienced by caged animals that nature intended to live in the wild. They work to focus national attention on animal abuse.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary http://www.casanctuary.org/
Provides a haven for abused and abandoned farm animals. Offers an educational program for schools and community groups to learn about factory farming issues and the advantages of living a vegan lifestyle. This non-profit organization has helped hundreds of animals find adoption in good homes.

Darwin Animal Doctors http://www.darwinanimaldoctors.org
This dedicated group of veterinarians is committed to providing free veterinary care in worldwide regions with no access to animal care services. They spay and neuter humanely, treat diseases and parasites posing risks to endemic wildlife, provide life-saving veterinary care to native species, train local veterinarians, and implement humane education curriculum to cultivate a culture of understanding about basic animal welfare.

Farm Animal Reform Movement http://www.farmusa.org
Since its inception in 1981, FARM has advocated a plant-based diet and rights for animals. Their motto is, "Promoting plant-based solutions for the future of the planet." The group's grass-roots campaigns include National Veal Ban Action, World Farm Animals Day, Great American Meatout, Industry Watch, CHOICE, and Letters from FARM.

Farm Sanctuary http://www.farmsanctuary.org
The largest farm animal rescue organization in the United States, Farm Sanctuary operates farm animal rescue sites in New York and California as well as waging campaigns to stop exploitation of animals raised for food. The website provides information about the organization's campaigns to end animal cruelty, resources to educate people about animal abuse, opportunities to visit the farms, and data on how to become involved. The group promotes a vegan lifestyle.

Friends of Animals http://www.friendsofanimals.org
Friends of Animals promotes veganism as the single most effective way of achieving animal rights.

The Gentle Barn http://www.gentlebarn.org
Rescuing farm animals from abuse, neglect, and slaughter and caring for them are the prinicpal goals of this humanitarian organization located in Santa Clarita. Using the animals as their classroom, the foundation teaches children kindness and compassion to animals, each other, and our planet with a series of weekly school visits. Each week a different farm animal is brought to school, giving children an opportunity to learn, touch, and connect to the animal world.

Hillfields Animal Sanctuary http://www.hillfields-animal-sanctuary.com
Operating for 30 years in the UK, this animal sanctuary is home to over 300 rescued animals like horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, ducks, and birds. The website includes a gallery, animal adoption information, and news.

Humane Society Legislative Fund http://www.fund.org
The Fund, started in 1967 by prominent author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory, has spearheaded some of the most historic and significant events in the history of the animal protection movement. The organization works to stop "canned hunts" through focused campaigns to reach legislators who will pass laws that end trophy hunting presently legal in most states. Visit the web site to learn how you can participate in helping pass The Captive Exotic Animal Protection Act as well as other movements that protect animals from needless killing.

The Humane Society of the United States Los Angeles Office http://www.hsusHollywood.org
Formerly Ark Trust, Inc. this national non-profit animal protection organization is devoted to raising public awareness of animal issues. Site includes pages about the group's proactive media projects including their annual celebrity event Genesis Awards to promote positive coverage of animal topics. Maintains a library of videotapes covering animal use and abuse as a resource for the media. Links to other animal friendly sites.

Humanity for Animals http://www.humanityforanimals.org
This is an all-volunteer organization made up of activists addressing global issues at the local level to help animals in need. The organization works on vegan outreach, puppy mills, wildlife conservation, and earth and ocean conservation.

In Defense of Animals http://www.idausa.org
Founded by a veterinarian determined to put an end to animal exploitation, this vociferous organization works through effective campaigns to stop needles animal research in laboratories, loss of endangered animals, and slaughter of defenseless animals. Their efforts include educational events, cruelty investigations, boycotts, grassroots activism, and hands-on rescue. Visit the web site to learn how effective ad campaigns, law suits, and demonstrations have liberated animals from suffering.

Kindred Spirits Care Farm http://www.kindredspiritscarefarm.org
At this farm, rescued animals can find a welcome home and volunteers can discover many opportunities to connect with the animals and learn how to care for them and the permaculture gardens that grow fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Many people find participating in this natural environment to be healing, educational, and enjoyable. Tours can be arranged for those who would like to visit the farm.

Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary http://www.cowprotection.com
Located on 42-acre farm in Pennsylvania, this sanctuary provides a safe haven for cows destined for slaughter in an effort to educate the public about compassion for all living creatures. The group hopes to house many different types of abused, neglected, and homeless animals.

Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL) http://www.operationblanketsoflove.com/
A non-profit charity that collects, transports and distributes recycled and new pet-related items to comfort stray, sick, neglected and abused homeless animals in shelters, rescue groups, sanctuaries and foster groups. Needs blankets, towels, pet beds, collars and leashes, dog clothes, food and water bowls, grooming supplies, and crates and carriers.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals http://www.peta.org
PETA, the largest animal rights organization in the world, maintains an extensive web presence with more than two dozen sites linked together. The organization currently focuses on cruelty to animals in four areas: on factory farms, in laboratories, in the fur trade, and in the entertainment industry. The main site details news events involving the organization as well as action alerts. Also included are a PETA Poll, Frequently Ask Questions, links to other PETA sites and links to vegetarian web resources.

Peta2.com http://www.PETA2.com
An ultra hip web site for PETA minded teens offering opportunities to chat as well as participate in animal rights activism. At this site young people may participate in showing the video Meet your Meat, initiate PETA2-style class projects that enlighten classmates, discover products that are eco-friendly and cruelty free, and read articles and news features that are teen oriented.

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary http://www.towerhillstables.com
Established in the UK by marathon runner Fiona Oaks (a vegan), this privately operated sanctuary cares for over 200 animals including horses, cows, chickens, cats, dogs, goats and sheep, small furry creatures, and pigs. All contributions go directly to purchase of foods for the animals. Be sure to click on Please Read for her fascinating story.

VeggiePets.com http://www.veggiepets.com
Located in the UK, this online pet food shop provides 24-hr., year-round service to pet owners in that country. They offer dog, food, dog biscuits, dog chews, and cat food, all free of animal ingredients.

Viva! Health (formerly The VVF (Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation) http://www.vegetarian.org.uk
A UK health charity and campaign group that promotes plant-based diets as the healthiest diet of all. It has published ground-breaking reports and guides on dairy, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. It provides sound and sensible nutritional advice and support as well as recipes.

Viva! Vegetarians International Voice for Animals http://www.viva.org.uk
Europe's largest vegetarian campaigning group. Viva! campaigns to expose the cruelty and environmental damage created by the meat and dairy industry. It promotes vegan and vegetarian diets as the best way to save animals, the planet, feed the world and protect human health -- and provides support to help people make the change, including a fantastic recipe section.

Wise Old Sayings: Words to Live By http://www.wiseoldsayings.com/animal-rights-quotes/
Collected from a variety of sources, this site offers quotes on many different topics and by different authors. One of the topics of particular interest to us focuses on animal rights sayings and quotes, some inspirational, some wise, some humorous, and some quite profound.

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A professional Ironman triathelete who follows a vegan diet, Brendan Brazier provides a reason and a solution for the most common problems active people experience when adopting a plant-based diet. Covered are common concerns of the vegetarian athlete, frequently asked questions, recipes, equipment, and seminar information.

Hawaii's Dr. Ruth: Live Healthier Longer http://www.ruthheidrich.com
Ironman athlete and cancer survivor Ruth Heidrich has her own website where she answers questions about diet and exercise. Includes articles she has written on the most frequently asked questions such as the protein issue, running and knees, hormone replacement, and athletes on a vegan diet. Photos from some of her trips to Machu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, the Hubbard Glacier, and the Florida Everglades are also presented. Her books and tapes can be ordered from the site.

Organic Athlete http://www.organicathlete.org
This nonprofit organization is dedicated to educating, connecting, and fostering athletes of all ages and abilities to promote healthful, plant-based living in communities, sports, and schools. The group provides members extensive information about benefits of plant-based lifestyles and a place to connect to vegetarian athletes. Included in the offerings is a free monthly newsletter.

PlantBuilt.com https://www.plantbuilt.com
PlantBuilt is a non-profit organization comprising a team of vegan athletes who raise awareness about the benefits of veganism, while also raising money for animal sanctuaries and vegan outreach. Accomplishing elite levels of strength, health, and wellness, is an extension of our compassion for life. Their lifestyle requires physical effort beyond normal capacity, Furthermore, is the use of proper nutrition, rest, and mental wellbeing. None of these require harm to animals. As a collective, PlantBuilt members live, train, compete, and educate in their communities, showing the success of compassionate veganism.

Vegan Bodybuilding http://www.veganbodybuilding.org/home.htm
A comprehensive resource for bodybuilders including nutritional information, training guides, articles, recipes, and links. The site features bodybuilder personalities Robbie Hazeley, Pat Reeves, Robert Cheeke, Denise Nicole, James Gold, Anthony Aureilus, Martin Whittred, and Mike Mahler.

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Focuses on ethical vegan issues and aims to abolish animal abuse by promoting a vegan diet and lifestyle. Provides numerous links to veg books, shopping, restaurants, groceries, recipe blogs, and veg athletes.

Allyson Kramer's Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes http://www.manifestvegan.com
Allyson Kramer, author of Gluten-Free Vegan Eats provides visitors with a comprehensive vegan site offering vegan substitutions for familiar animal-based foods, a large archive of attractively photographed vegan recipes, a giant list of blog links, and a delightful blog.

Almost Vegan Chef http://www.almostveganchef.com
Chef Amber Shea Crawley, graduate of two culinary schools: Matthew Kenney Academy and Living Light Culinary Academy, is a flexible vegan and raw chef, and cookbook author of Practically Raw: Flexible Raw Recipes Anyone Can Make. Offers a mountain of raw and cooked vegan recipes, healthy lifestyle coaching, a journal of her veg travels, raw and non-raw food product reviews, and cookbook reviews.

Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking http://cookeasyvegan.blogspot.com
Andrea offers plenty of delicious recipe choices and blogs about her veg views and recollections. Received several blog honors for excellence in leading people to the vegan lifestyle. Reviews vegan products, restaurants, and vegan cookbooks and provides an excellent archive past posts by month.

Bankrupt Vegan http://www.bankruptvegan.blogspot.com
Jennifer M., wife and mom, cooks on a budget with tons of great recipes from a variety of vegan cookbooks she mentions. Recipes are listed by well-organized categories, making them very accessible. Reviews products and lists favorite vegan blogs.

BitterSweet http://bittersweetblog.wordpress.com
Vegan cookbook author Hannah Kaminsky features her vegan cookbooks and mini e-books along with a giant archive of recipes and beautiful photos attractively styled. Anyone interested in knitting, crocheting, or sewing can follow a multitude of whimsical food and animal patterns she offers for those into crafting their own handmade items.

The Blissful & Fit Chef http://www.blissfulandfit.com
Christy Morgan, vegan macrobiotic chef, author of Blissful Bites, cooking instructor and consultant, provides a great service to vegan cooks with her giant archive of recipes noting those that are gluten-free, soy-free, oil-free, or fast and kid friendly. Also offers a listing of her favorite tools and cookbooks.

BlogHer, Life Well Said http://www.blogher.com
While not all vegan, this impressive website geared to women of all ages has a host of information about health, food, money, politics, family, feminism and more. The food category covers vegetarian and vegan recipes and blog links, gluten-free recipes, eating frugally, cookbook authors and writers, food photography, and cooking for kids.

Carrot Top Vegan http://carrottopvegan.blogspot.com/
Farrah P blogs about delicious vegan recipes and pairs them with wine suggestions. Offers a great selection of vegan Holiday Gift Ideas, from wine and wine products to places that offer hip vegan items like guitar straps, bags, and wallets. With her festive recipes you can prepare holiday meals and desserts and even make holiday gifts from your home kitchen. Includes an extensive list of links to other blogs.

Chic Vegan http://chicvegan.com/
Gretchen Tseng, certified in Plant-Based Nutrition, presents an impressive, well rounded website featuring chic vegan fashions, beauty and home care products, attractively photographed food including recipes, health advice from health experts, ecological and animal concerns, a directory of vegan websites, and a free e-book titled The Ethical Girl's Guide to Being Vegan and Fabulous.

Chocolate-Covered Katie http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/
"This site is for anyone who wants to be healthy but refuses to give up eating delicious chocolate desserts in the name of health," says vegan Katie who loves chocolate and creates awesome desserts that have won her awards and a host of regular visitors. Chocolate recipes are divided into three categories: snackity snacks, special diet recipes, and non-dessert recipes.

Clean Eating Kitchen https://www.cleaneatingkitchen.com/
Inspired by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Carrie Forrest posts a banquet of recipes inspired by a wealth of bloggers. Recipes are conveniently listed by category. Extensive list of resources provides links to other blogs, websites, books on healthy, plant-based living, podcasts, and guest posts contributed to other sites including reviews of healthy books.

Cooking the Vegan Books http://www.cookingtheveganbooks.com
Website creator Liz loves to cook from cookbooks and does a great job of selecting recipes from the books, She cooks and blogs in detail about the recipes, the books, and the authors.

Down to Earth Organic & Natural http://www.downtoearth.org/blog
Mark Fergusson, CEO of Down to Earth Health Food Store in Hawaii, blogs to spread the word about the ease, health, cost-effectiveness and ethical relief of a vegetarian diet using stories in the news and popular entertainment.

Eco-Vegan Gal http://ecovegangal.com/
Whitney Lauritsen created this website to help and inspire people take better care of themselves and the planet in order to have healthier, happier lives. Features a mountain of topics related to a healthy vegan lifestyle including recipes, books, health info, beauty and fashion, fitness, vegan travel tips, FAQs, and relationships.

Easy Vegan Meals http://www.easyveganmeals.com
Educates visitors about the healthy plant-based lifestyle with a host of recommended books, vegan substitutions to replace animal products, recipes galore, videos, and restaurant reviews. Also available is a long list of links to other recommended blogs.

FatFree Vegan Kitchen: Sinlessly Delicious http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/
Susan Voisin loves good food and provides an outstanding website and blog that offers not only 1400 great recipes without added oil, margarine, shortening, or butter, but plenty of how-tos, meal planning, kitchen tips and tricks, links, and an opportunity to contribute original fat-free vegan recipes.

Finding Vegan http://www.findingvegan.com
A website that displays several pages of gorgeous vegan food photos for every food course, including gluten-free, raw, and the holidays. There's also a board displaying attractive vegan fashions. Each photo links to the websites that created the recipes or offers the fashions.

The Fitnessista http://www.fitnessista.com
Gina's brings her passion for food and fitness to this website where she shares a variety of delicious recipes in progress, fashion tips, workout move of the week, and a huge link list. Gina is almost vegan, but hubby is not. Shows many recipes in transition that work for both.

The Flaming Vegan http://www.theflamingvegan.com
This site offers plenty of great articles of interest to the vegan community. Features focus on vegan lifestyle, vegan news, nutrition, green travel, family, organic gardening, beauty tips, animal rights, vegan books, and recipes galore. The site managers encourage article contributions of interest to the vegan community.

Goodreads: Meet your next favorite book http://www.goodreads.com
Largest site for readers and book recommendations in the world. Search and browse feature allows choosing a subject category. Clicking on Cookbooks brings up a page of cookbook covers. Click on any cover and up pops a brief annotation describing the author or book contents. Related Genres allows you to detail your selection. Click on Vegan for an excellent page of vegan cookbooks.

Health Seeker's Kitchen http://www.thehealthseekerskitchen.com
Debbie, a nurse working on degrees in Health, Healing and Nutrition, promotes a plant- based diet as the best defense against the ills that face so many unnecessarily. Visitors will find nutrition info, weekly recipe posts, food prep classes, and product and book reviews, and a galaxy of great links.

The Healthy Eating Site http://www.thehealthyeatingsite.com
This site features tons of vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, and raw recipes listed by category and by ingredient. Offers a great selection of articles on food, diet, and health.

Healthy Bitch Daily http://www.healthybitchdaily.com
Kim Barnouin, co-author of Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bitch Book of Vegan Swaps, covers all the bases with food, health, fitness, style, beauty, and features on forward-thinkers in the areas of environmental and social awareness. Kim aims to arm women with savvy recipes from savvy internet bloggers and cookbook authors, cool products for vegan feminine hygiene, and an emphasis on staying fit with regular exercise.

Healthy.Happy.Life http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com
Photographer and vegan foodie Kathy Patalsky's site is a wealth of opportunities to discover awesome vegan recipes, unique products, dining, product, and event reviews, health tips, photo tips and how-to's, and cooking videos. View the stunning gallery of food photos in Gallery and Portfolio that just may take your breath away.

Healthy Slow Cooking http://healthyslowcooking.com
Cookbook author Kathy Hester offers excellent tips on selecting the ideal slow cooker. Many vegan recipes for every course, including gluten-free and how to preserve an abundant harvest. Mentioned are cooking classes and events.

The Healthy Voyager http://www.healthyvoyager.com
This site highlights the healthiest places to dine as well as alternatives on how to order to keep in tiptop shape while away from home. Vegetarians, those with special dietary needs, or those looking for healthy yet delicious choices while traveling, will find videos, recipes, tips, and more.

I Eat Trees http://ieattrees.com/
A host of vegan recipes, vegan cookbook reviews, products, tips, and tricks for living a compassionate plant-based lifestyle--even raw recipes and a recipe for vegan dog treats. Site owner Keri makes several recipes in preparation to posting her reviews of vegan cookbooks. Visitors will find a dazzling Gallery of food photos.

JL Goes Vegan: Food & Fitness with a Side of Kale http://Jlgoesvegan.com
JL Fields shares her transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle with a host of vegan recipes you can browse by cooking method, course, or by alphabetical listing. Vegan 101 features articles by JL and guest contributors that provide a guide for new vegans. A huge listing of vegan cookbooks, vegan wine suggestions, fitness regimens, and a community blog.

The kind life with Alicia Silverstone http://www.thekindlife.com
Actor and cookbook author Alicia Silverstone provides a website about living the healthiest and happiest life to the fullest, while caring for the Earth. The Health feature offers 10 tips for curing a cold. Visitors will find recipes from Alicia and guest contributors, photos, videos, and links. To access several of the features visitors are asked to join the website.

Layers of Thought http://www.layersofthought.net
This is a great site for people who love to read fiction as well as non-fiction. Shellie and John Nunn love to keep their minds stimulated by reading and reviewing books of every genre. They also do book tours, author guest posts, interviews, book excerpts, and book giveaways. Their list of incoming books is impressive.

Meet the Shannons http://www.meettheshannons.net
Annie and Dan, a unique couple of vegans, offer a site with a very creative bent. They gave themselves a challenge to veganize every recipe in the Betty Crocker Cookbook a la Julie and Julia and post their beautiful recipes that have been featured on the Betty Crocker Twitter page, New York Times, VegNews, and others. Visitors will fine an extensive FAQs page, pantry list, and blog link list.

My Satvik Kitchen http://vaishnavacooking.blogspot.com
This website is a beautiful tribute to Lord Krishna of India with foods prepared by Shilpy Malhotra from scratch without onions or garlic. Some recipes contain dairy but many are deliciously vegan and attractively presented in appealing full color photos.

Our Hen House http://www.ourhenhouse.org
Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan were named Indie Media Powerhouse by Vegnews Magazine. They educate with multimedia resources to spread the vegan message with the goal of ending animal exploitation. With a strong focus on animal concerns and the connection between gay rights and animal rights the pair raises money to benefit animal organizations. Featured is a large podcast and video archive, book reviews on animal issues, and reviews of vegan health and cookbooks.

The Perfect Formula Diet http://perfectformuladiet.com/
Janice Stanger's PhD in Human Development and Aging gave her the perfect tools to analyze 1,000 scientific studies on diet, eventually leading to her book The Perfect Formula Diet, a detailed compendium on how-to live healthy to the max with a whole-foods plant-based diet. The site provides extensive references, a diverse and informative blog, invaluable resources, and a unique feature "Vegan form the Inside" that shatters common myths about the vegan lifestyle.

Quantum Vegan http://quantumvegan.com
This site is powered by Sam, writer, blogger, and vegan foodie and photographer. Visitors can enjoy product and book reviews, restaurant reviews across the country, a section on eating disorders, cooking from blogs and cookbooks, an archive of recipes, and a huge recipe index.

Savvy Vegetarian http://www.savvyvegetarian.com
Judith Kingsbury offers visitors easy recipes, simple cooking, healthy eating, and green living beginning with the Recipe of the Week. Find an impressive compendium of everything connected to vegetarian and vegan living including cookbook reviews, baking substitutions, gluten-free baking, menus, cooking tips, diabetic-friendly recipes, holiday recipes, kid-friendly recipes, food and health articles, recipe e-books, resources galore, and food and health blogs.

The Tasty Vegan http://www.thetastyvegan.com
Visitors to this comprehensive vegan website will discover the many talents of Leigh Matthews, freelance writer, nutrition graduate, web designer, and dessert aficionado. They will learn about vegan supplements, cosmetics, books, shopping, clothing, foods, and travel accommodations. Let's Get Political delves into a wide range of ethical vegan concerns.

The Valley Vegan http://thevalleyvegan.com
This blog offers a glimpse into vegan offerings at mainstream restaurants. This gutsy blogger likes to challenge chefs to think quickly and come up with a meal free of animal products and has found many restaurants eager to please.

veganappetite http://www.veganappetite.com
Tamasin Noyes began her vegan cooking experience as a recipe tester for vegan authors. She caught the cooking bug and now has authored two appealing cookbooks of her own. She is a passionate vegan who contributes to vegan charities. Visitors to this site will find a galaxy of recipes on every category and book and product reviews.

vegan.com http://www.vegan.com
Erik Marcus, author of Vegan, the New Ethics of Eating, is the guiding spirit of this blog that provides a vegan FAQ, news, resources, and recipes.

Vegan Culinary Crusade http://www.veganculinarycrusade.com
Lisa Pitman is an avid vegan who loves to cook and has a passion for reviewing vegan and raw cookbooks, vegan products, and restaurants in her travels. In addition, she and a partner have created Tiny Treats, an e-book of awesome dessert recipes. Visitors will find her bio and press credits impressive.

Vegan Heart Doc http://veganheartdoc.blogspot.com
Heather Shenkman is an Interventional Cardiologist practicing in the Los Angeles area. On her blog she shares her insights on medicine, ideas and information about vegan diets, and her triathlon training adventures.

The Vegan Punk http://theveganpunk.com
With a focus on promoting and supporting veganism and animal liberation, this blogger is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, the UK and ventures to other parts of the globe in search of fun vegan food adventures and photographs animals in their natural habitats within the UK and in other countries and actively participates in protests against animal testing.

Vegbooks http://vegbooks.org/
A vegan mom's a desire to teach her children vegetarian values offers this website that features children's book and movie reviews appropriate for their age. The focus is to help children value life, the connections between humans and other animals, and the need to protect the earth and all its inhabitants. Links and guest contributor reviews.

The Veggie Queen http://www.theveggiequeen.com
Cookbook author and pressure cooking aficionado Jill Nussinow is a registered dietitian who wears many hats: an educator teaching vegan cooking classes, pressure cooking expert with a cookbook and DVD on the subject, plant-based diet consultant, recipe developer, writer, and speaker at vegan festivals. Visitors to this site can access a delicious array of her recipes.

Veggies, Yarns & Tails http://www.veggiesyarnsandtails.wordpress.com
Hosted by vegetarian cookbook author Geraldine Hartman, this blog is an eclectic blend of home-style vegetarian recipes, related food articles, and cookbook reviews. Add to the mix: yarn stories, feline adventures, book reviews, and all about living the veg life, and you've got a fun and informative stop along the cyber-way.

Veggietorials http://veggietorials.com
Visitors can watch Cobi Kim cooking a banquet of delicious vegan dishes on videos as well as experiencing her travels and commentary on eating healthy. She is certified as a cooking instructor for The Cancer Project and features an array of colorful recipes of every category as well as a list of recommended products.

Yvonne's Vegan Kitchen Blog http://www.myeclectickitchen.com Chef Yvonne Ardestani offers healthy, whole-food, gluten-free plant-based recipes galore for every occasion. Visitors can enjoy her My Eclectic Kitchen e-book with 120 recipes, a "great reads" section of recommended books, photo gallery of her delicious, beautifully photographed, mouth-watering recipes. Visitors can send cookie grams of Yvonne's delicious gluten-free cookies.

Zel's Nutty Blog http://nutgourmet.wordpress.com
Discover the world of nut health and how eating just a handful of nuts a day can do wonders to lower cholesterol and cut the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Find some tempting recipes, watch a dazzling video of Zel Allen's The Nut Gourmet cookbook photos, and read about fascinating nut history, folklore, and a host of nut related chit-chat.

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Living Light Culinary Arts Institute http://www.rawfoodchef.com
Cherie Soria, author of vegan recipe book Angel Foods, Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies and director of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute located in Fort Bragg, California, offers certification training for chefs, teachers, and individuals in the art of creating gourmet living foods. Her site includes information about raw food courses and schedules. Graduates of the course include Roxanne Klein of Roxanne's Restaurant, Chad Sarno of Vital Creations, Elaina Love author of Elaina's Pure Joy Kitchen, and Renee Loux-Underkoffler of The Raw Truth.

The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts http://naturalepicurean.com
Students attending this cooking school located in Austin, Texas will learn Southwestern cooking with natural whole foods and learn how to select, prepare, and present whole foods. The program is 800 hours and includes macrobiotic, vegan and vegetarian cooking and helps students understand the relationship between food and health.

Natural Gourmet Institute http://www.naturalgourmetschool.com
Founded by Annemarie Colbin, author of Food and Healing, the New York City school has a 25-year history in culinary arts education. While the focus is on vegetarian cuisine, the classes include instruction using fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans, soy foods, nuts and seeds, sea vegetables, seafood, organic poultry and eggs, and natural sweeteners. Courses include full-time and part-time instruction for chef's training and numerous evening and weekend classes for the public.

The School of Natural Cookery http://www.naturalcookery.com
Students learn vegan, vegetarian, and living foods preparation with a focus on improvisational cooking without a recipe. Professional chef instruction is also available. Some classes held in locations around the country.

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center http://www.treeoflife.nu/
Students can earn a master's degree in Vegan Live-Food Nutrition at the Tree of Life Foundation's College of Living Arts, a two-year program taught under the guidance of Gabriel Cousens, M.D. Three-month apprenticeship program available. Aprenticeship program also available in vegan organic nature farming.

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Abbey's Vegetarian Recipes
Here's a web site that attracts readers by offering to email them a vegan recipe each week, recipes that just happen to be terrific. However, there's much more diversity once you begin exploring Alternatives to Eggs and Dairy, Organic Foods, Animal Rights, Recipe Books, Health and Fitness, Local Resources, and Links. There's even a discussion board.

The Enlightened Kitchen http://www.veggiechef.com
Marie Oser, author of Soy of Cooking, has created an outstanding resource for every kitchen. The book begins with well researched information about the health aspects of soy and features her original recipes from appetizers to desserts. She refers to herself as a soy specialist, and indeed she is. Her books and magazine articles focus on health and nutrition.

The Jazzy Vegetarian http://www.jazzyvegetarian.com
Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian, features quick and delicious vegan recipes, green living tips, and entertaining videos that will make adding healthier choices into your everyday lifestyle a breeze.

The Vegan Chef http://www.veganchef.com
Chef Beverly Lynn Bennett's home on the web encourages everyone to "Take the VegPledge!" She includes her message board, prize-winning recipes, her biography, information on her electronic cookbook, and links to other sites.

Veganook https://www.veganook.com/ http://www.healthyveganrecipes.net
Heather Nauta, graduate of the School of Natural Cookery, uses videos to spread the vegan message, share vegan recipes, and teach about proper nutrition, getting enough protein, sufficient vitamin B12, and important minerals. She created a protein calculator to help determine personal protein requirements.

Vegetarian Recipes and Cooking http://vegetarianrecipesandcooking.com
This site offers vegetarian and vegan recipes from around the world and lists them by country of origin. Their aim is to collect, present, and preserve as many of these recipes as possible and make them accessible to all. They note the presence of gluten, dairy, eggs, or nuts on recipes and feature a special gluten-free vegetarian section. They welcome submissions and credit the contributors.

VegKitchen http://www.vegkitchen.com
Cookbook author, Nava Atlas, invites everyone to join her in her kitchen for recipes galore, a recipe exchange, and links to other web sites.

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Green Singles
Posts free personal ads for singles interested networking with others who are interested in environmental, vegetarian, and animal rights issues. Includes literary contributions from participants, classified ads, and links to other sites.

Living and Raw Foods Personalshttp://www.living-foods.com/personals
Vegetarians and vegans who eat a minimum of 50% living and raw foods and believe in living and raw foods concepts can take advantage of this free service to meet others with similar beliefs.

My Vegetarian Dating http://myvegetariandating.com/
A green dating website where vegetarians, vegans, fruitarians, pescatarians, and people on macrobiotic / raw food diets can meet for fun, friendship and romance. If you are passionate about animal rights, green issues, ethical living, or all of the above, and you want to meet like-minded people, this is the perfect place for you!

VeganDating.org http://vegandating.org/
Vegan Dating with vegetarian singles online is truly no different than other forms of online dating. The main difference is you do not have to worry about where or what to eat when it is time for a date as your vegan mate will already have a few good ideas in mind. This just makes dating much easier and more relaxing. This allows you to be who you are and to be better able to really find that special someone you have been looking for who also enjoys the vegan life. Californias can find dates at http://vegandating.org/california.

Vegetarian Dating Service http://www.vegetariandatingservice.com/
Voted the #1 vegetarian website by offering the perfect platform to meet single vegetarians with the hopes of finding love. When you join, you gain access to all member tools making online dating experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

VeggieConnection.com https://www.veggieconnection.com/
Create your profile and list yourself for free. Let others know you are available. Free search by areas, age, religion, etc. Selected by VegNews Magazine as "Top Site to Find a Veggie Mate."

VeggieDate http://www.veggiedate.com
Those looking for that ideal person who shares their vegetarian views can sign up with this vegetarian dating and networking service. Modest fee for six month or annual membership.

Veggie Romance http://www.veggieromance.com
Based in the UK, this free online dating service offers vegetarians and vegans a place to meet. Their motto is: "Bring back free love." The site offers a unique blind-date feature and the Daisychain with boards discussing dating tips, dating stories, and coping with break-ups.

VeggieMatchMakers https://www.veggiematchmakers.com
VeggieMatchMakers.com is a 100% FREE vegan dating site that welcomes with open arms vegetarians, pescatarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians, raw vegans, pollotarians, and even those who are just starting out and wanting to learn more. You can choose to look for friends only, dating only or "anything goes!"

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Alternative Outfitters
Shopping with compassion becomes easier with a wide selection of fashionable alternatives to leather goods. Choose cruelty-free high quality items such as stylish women's and men's footwear, handbags, accessories, cosmetics, skin care and hair products, T-shirts, and gift ideas. Look for sale items and featured monthly specials.

Ambrosia Bag https://ambrosiabag.com
This company sells flax linen zippered storage bags in different sizes that help to preserve fresh produce and give the veggies longer life.

Canopy Verde http://www.canopyverde.com
A woman-owned business that offers attractive vegan handbags all about thoughtful design and quality with an eco and animal-friendly approach to sourcing and manufacturing. Inspired by Danish design, the handbags feature multiple textures like wood, vegan leather, and canvas made from certified cotton and eco-friendly dyes that are kind to the earth and animals.

Crystalyn Kae Accessories http://www.crystalynkae.com
Designs and markets vegan handbags, belts, and other accessories. Many handbags are made from a buttery-soft glazed faux leather.

Doshi http://www.doshi.shop
An online shop that sells attractive, elegant, high-end faux leather products including backpacks in several syles, men's and womens' brief cases, wallets, women's business purses. Products are made from leather-like microfiber. One feature on the site discusses how the toxic, chemical-focused leather industry is killing the local environment and the people that work in those factories.

Green2Go http://www.yourgreen2Go.com
This company makes elegant, affordable, and disposable all natural and biodegradeable, eco-friendly tableware all made from plant material. The products are completely recyclable and compostable and contain no chemicals or plastics and are never bleached white. These products, from plates and bowls to utensils and take-out containers can be used for both cold and hot foods.

Hemp Authority http://www.hempauthority.com
The company features hemp-based eco-fashions and accessories, such as clothing, tote bags, wallets, jewelry, hats, belts, footwear, and socks. Also available are beauty and paper products, hemp twine, wicks, aprons, and more. Hemp fabrics and hemp-blended fabrics are extremely strong and durable, making hemp-based items last longer than most other fabrics. Because hemp is also antimicrobial, clothing will resist mold and mildew. The company is currently working on converting more of its products to American manufactured.

Keep https://keepcompany.com This online, Los Angeles-based shop features Ikat scarves, hand-dyed goods, shoes, T-shirts, and unique apparel including shoes that are vegan and cruelty-free.

The Living Temple http://www.thelivingtemple.com
Shop in-store in Southern California or online for gourmet and organic vegan foods, books and videos on health, free-thinking, animal rights, and spirituality, organic cotton and hemp clothing, body care prodicts, vegan candles, lip balms, and more. Local residents can attend seminars, guest speakers, movies, concerts, and raw food festivals.

MooShoes http://www.mooshoes.com
A "stylish and high quality yet leather-free pair of shoes" can be ordered from this New York or Los Angeles store. In addition to shoes they carry vegan belts, purses, wallets, jackets, t-shirts, buttons, magnets, patches, boods, DVDs, and stickers.

My Beauty Bunny.com http://www.mybeautybunny.com
This site is a treasure chest of reviews of cruelty-free products for body care, hair care, makeup, men's and women's products, nail products, and even cruelty free spas. A special section reviews vegan products. There are separate categories discussing products for dry skin and oily skin, and combination skin. Looking for a beauty contest to enter? Check it out. The

Natural Clothing Company http://www.NaturalClothingCompany.com
Offers all natural, organic, vegan products that include clothes for the whole family as well accessories, hats, and hemp shoes and boots with recycled tire soles. Home items feature sheets, kitchen towels, and more. Use code psvRAW at checkout for 10% discount.

The Organic Make-up Company http://www.organicmakeup.ca
Sells a complete line of make-up and skin care products that are all vegan, organic, and non-GMO. Visitors to this site will also find articles about cosmetics like natural vs. synthetic, research articles on the affect of cosmetics on the skin, and the importance of avoiding harsh chemicals.

Rawganique.com http://www.rawganique.com
"Raw, Organic, Unique" is the motto of Touch, Klaus, Nok,, and Chao, a group of raw vegans who are 100% committed to the environment. They created an online store that sells hemp and organic cotton clothing for men and women, footwear, bed & bath items, organic raw foods, hemp foods, blenders, juicers, eco books and gifts. Featured is their RawForLife e-zine as well as many raw recipes.

Seventh Generation http://www.seventhgeneration.com
This site educates people into thinking more ecologically about using non-toxic household cleaners, laundry and dish products, and recycled paper goods and offers these products for purchase. Featured are articles about environmentally conscious products, animal testing, chlorine, and petroleum. Read their latest newsletter to find out what's in the milk and what's in the water.

Sylvie Martin Rodriguez--Vegan Textile Artist http://www.alchimagic.com
Using only non-animal textiles like hemp, nettle, soya, plastic, cotton, nylon, acrylic, linen, iron, and steel, Sylvie creates beautiful wall hangings or free-form designs to enhance your home or office. In many cases she dyes, cards, and spins the fibers from scratch. Check out her photo gallery. Though Sylvie lives in France, near Geneva in Switzerland, her unique and attractive designs are universal.

Tivydale http://www.tivydale.com
Offers a selection of non-leather shoes, boots, and sandals free from suede and other animal products, including animal glues. The shoes are made from polyurethane, microfibre, PVC, and fabrics that emulate the properties of leather, suede, patent, etc. Products are designed for all who wish to buy stylish, cruelty-free products.

Vegan Chic http://www.veganchic.com
Sells men's and women's shoes, sandals, and boots, as well as women's handbags and accessories. Many items are faux leather and faux suede.

Vegan Cuts http://vegancuts.com
Vegan shopping is easy with this website that scouts online shops, festivals, and stores to search out the best buys in vegan foods, beauty products, and fashion products and offers them online. Visitors can sign up for a monthly snack box or a beauty box or simply order single items from the online store that carries everything from a vegan starter kit to a 6-pack of vegan gourmet chocolate bars.

Vegan Essentials http://www.veganessentials.com
On-line shopping company offering vegan products certified by Vegan Action. Offerings include body care items, household products, hemp home goods, body wear and jewelry, shoes, clothing,, sweets, and more.

Vegan Health and Beauty http://www.veganhealthandbeauty.com
UK Online shop of cruelty-free body care products like bath crystals, bath bombs, soaps, massage oils, and organic hemp products for the compassionate lifestyle.

Vegan Scene https://veganscene.com This local vegan shop carries fashionable men's and women's clothing including T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, blouses, skirts, shoes, dresses, faux suede jackets, sleepwear, wallets, purses, magazines, backpacks, beauty products, unique gifts, and belts in familiar vegan brands and some designed by Vegan Scene

TheVegetarianSite http://www.thevegetariansite.com
Shoppers who want to avoid animal products may want to check this online store offering men's and women's leather-free footwear, hemp clothing, hemp wallets and purses, vegan personal care products, and vegan books and videos.

Vegetaryn http://www.vegetaryn.com
Visitors to this site will discover a great place to shop for vegan T-shirts, sweatshirts, totebags, and caps imprinted with vegan messages. There's also a vegan blog that explores all things vegan, video interviews, and a cruelty-free vegan online make-up school. Vegans in need of recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner will find easy and tasty choices in this all-inclusive website.

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Foraging With the Wildman
Naturalist, author, and environmental educator "Wildman" Steve Brill has created a unique site with information on finding and using wild plants for food and medicine. Steve lives in New York and teaches classes about nature and how to forage for edible plants without harming the environment. He encourages students to explore their neighborhoods, backyards, parks and forests for delicious wild vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and herbs that serve as home remedies as well as food.

School of Self-Reliance http://www.self-reliance.net/time.html
Resourceful Christopher Nyerges teaches others how to survive on nature's offerings by holding classes in wild food foraging, orienteering, primitive fire-making, water finding and purification, shelter building, making soap from plants, and cooking wild foods, along with indoor skills like recycling and gardening.
P.O. Box 41834
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Phone: 323-255-9502

Whole Earth Harvest http://www.wholeearthharvest.com
Sells a wide variety of wild and cultivated organic mushrooms as well as mushroom growing kits. They also offer a selection of unique fresh greens like garlic scapes, ramsons, sea beans, miners lettuce, fresh fiddleheads, stinging nettles, fresh and frozen berries, eight kinds of truffles, and gourmet truffle and olive oils.
P.O. Box 248, Yamhill, OR 97148
Phone: 503-662-3055
e-mail: info@wholeearthharvest.com

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BettergrowHYDRO/Culinary Farms
Culinary Farms grows and sells a wide variety of hydroponically grown lettuces, herbs, edible flowers, and baby lettuce mixes at many farmers' markets as well as restaurants and caterers in the Los Angeles area. bettergroHYDRO is a retail store in Pasadena that offers instruction and sells equipment to anyone interested in growing vegetables hydroponically. The store has a small café that prepares salads and sandwiches made from vegetables grown on the farm.

Harbor Area Farmers' Markets http://www.goodveg.org
Harbor Area Farmers' Markets of Long Beach, California have created a colorful site to encourage people to attend the five weekly, year-round markets they sponsor in the area. Included are monthly updates on each market, a map of market locations, featured farmers, and links to related web sites.

Tullens Fruit Farm http://www.tullens.co.uk
Located in Pulborough West Sussex, UK, this farm features traditional apple and pear varieties like Bramley, Cox Orange Pippin, and Worchester Pearmain. Plans to add Blenheim Orange and Laxtons Superb. Offers apple and pear juices.

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Farm Fresh To You
Capay Organic, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) located 90 miles northeast of San Francisco, is committed to delivering fresh fruits and vegetables directly to your home or office as frequently as you choose. Their farm in the Imperial Valley extends their service to those in Los Angeles as well as Northern California.

Gold Mine Natural Food Company http://www.goldminenaturalfoods.com
Specializing in highest quality organic, raw, macrobiotic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, Asian, gourmet, specialty foods, and related natural cookware and natural home products. Friendly and knowledgeable staff in San Diego is committed to providing excellent products and service. The company strives to support organic farming and promote sustainable agriculture, as well as to conduct business in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Orders can be placed online, by phone or by mail and delivered to your door.

Melissa's World Variety Produce, Inc. http://www.melissas.com
Here's a company that scours the globe to offer an amazing array of unique fresh and dried fruits and vegetables that are available on-line. Also available are assortments of fresh fruit by the basket, fresh herbs, extraordinary mushrooms, a plethora of chiles, heirloom tomatoes, and dried and jarred international vegetarian staples.
P.O. Box 21127, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Phone: 800-588-0151
e-mail: nancye@melissas.com

Organic Fruit & Veggie Club http://organicsny.com
Organic produce delivery service providing New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents with fresh and healthy certified organic fruit and vegetables.

Sunfood Superfoods http://www.sunfood.com
Guarantees the lowest prices on raw and living food products anywhere. Store bills itself as "Resources for Massive Health Abundance" and includes items such as crackers, dried fruit, nut and seed butters, raw nuts, and sea vegetables. A good source of living-foods books.

Urban Organic http://www.urbanorganic.com
From offices in New York City and Portland Oregon, Urban Organic, the largest organic produce home delivery company in the United States, is offering a 16 to 20 lb. box of 15 to 18 different fruits and vegetables for $39.99 to locations with 1 to 2 days shipping. The group also provides arrangements to market produce to regional and national buying clubs.

Veestro http://veestro.com/
Vegan/vegetarian gourmet meal delivery company, especially designed for people looking for a healthy and convenient alternative. Veestro is a family owned healthy food delivery service. They produce chef- inspired plant-based meals from scratch using only organic, non GMO ingredients. Customers can choose from a variety of dishes and meal packs, including gluten free, low calorie, high protein, and kids meals. They package, freeze, and ship anywhere in the US.

VegeCyber Inc. http://www.vegecyber.com
This non-profit web site is an online vegetarian food store devoted to promoting healthy people and a healthy planet. They offer mostly vegan, some vegetarian, food products that include frozen seafood and meat substitutes such as shrimp, ham, steak, lamb, chicken breast and nuggets, hot dogs. They also offer sea vegetables, agar agar, sea salt, grains, noodles, curry powder, seasonings, ginseng tea, organic espresso coffee, books, music.

Vegefood http://www.vegefood.com
Vegetarian on-line food store has developed a web site which includes vegetarian recipes, health news reports, and discussion boards. Shoppers can purchase vegetarian foods on-line and have them shipped to their homes.

Whole Earth Harvest http://www.wholeearthharvest.com
Sells a exceptional selection of wild and cultivated mushrooms, unique greens like elephant garlic scapes and stinging nettles, dragon fruit, truffle oil, porcini oil, teas, and mushroom growing kits.

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Dharma Realm Buddhist Association
Learn the many ways this Berkeley Buddhist Monastery brings the message of Buddha to the world through translated Sanskrit writings including vegetarianism and concern for animal welfare. Buddhist events, lectures, and educational information are also posted on the site.

Eco-Eating http://www.brook.com/veg
Eco-Eating focuses on the environmental effects of meat-eating versus vegetarianism as well as on issues of nutrition, health, economics, hunger, violence, and compassion. Loaded with links throughout the text and at least 100 links at the bottom of the page.

Go Dairy Free http://www.godairyfree.org
Go Dairy Free is an excellent resource for consumers seeking to cook, shop, or dine without milk products, while still promoting a healthy lifestyle. This site includes extensive product lists, product reviews, news, guides, recipes, and original articles. Daily updates and a monthly newsletter keep things interesting.

Go Eggless http://www.goeggless.com
This website tells which menu items at restaurants are vegetarian, vegan, and eggless. Also includes information on vegetarian, vegan, and eggless products, along with articles, and recipes. An on-staff nutritionist is available to answer questions.

Food Matters https://www.fmtv.com
Focusing on food in all its aspects, this website provides plenty of recipes for every dietary need, food related articles, health tips, natural therapies, latest food and health trends, health practitioner directory, books, films, and health news in a colorful, attractive format that's easy as pie to use.

Grasroots Vegan http://www.grassrootsvegan.com/
Jo Stepaniak, renowned cookbook author and spokesperson for veganism, has her own web presence that provides information about all aspects of vegan living and answers questions about vegan lifestyle. The site features essays on vegan living, quips and quotes, sample recipes, a brief biography, and "Ask Joanne!" Information on her books and her public appearances is also provided.

GreenHeart Education http://www.greenhearted.org/vegetarian-schools.html
This website helps educators around the world to green their classrooms, curricula, and school communities and explains the rationale for schools to go veg for the future sustainability of the earth. Visitors to this site can find vegetarian school menu suggestions, links to related websites, vegetarian/compassion quotations, history of school gardens, and a look into sustainability for future generations.

International Vegetarian Union - Historical Vegetarians & Advocates of Vegetarianism http://www.ivu.org/history
History buffs will love delving into this site which includes people in history who have made statements about vegetarianism. Links are provided to articles about people going all the way back to 8th Century BC.

NutritionFacts.org http://nutritionfacts.org/
NutritionFacts.org is a project of the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation in partnership with Michael Greger, M.D. Dr. Greger, a physician, author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health issues, scours the world of nutrition-related research, as published in scientific journals, and presents the information in easy to understand video segments. Links are provided to the original journal articles whenever possible.

Nifty Benefits https://niftybenefits.com/
This blog is a nifty resource of information on whole foods, from fruits and vegetables to nuts and tea. Each food item is annotated with a brief, yet informative article about the many benefits of that food, how it prevents chronic diseases, increases energy, and discusses that food's beneficial nutrients.

Organic Authority http://www.organicauthority.com
This site, founded by Laura and John Klein, promotes a conscious healthy lifestyle covering latest trends and news in food, seasonal recipes, nutrition, wellness, natural beauty, and more. Readers will learn how to go green and live well by making healthier choices in food, beauty, wellness, and home products.

PCRM Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine http://www.pcrm.org
Founded in 1985, PCRM is a non-profit organization supported by nearly 5,000 physicians and 100,000 laypersons. This group promotes preventive medicine through innovative programs, encourages higher standards for ethics and effectiveness in research, and advocates broader access to medical services. They promote a plant based diet, challenge the government's dietary guidelines, engage in research projects, and discourage animal experimentation. PCRM publishes a quarterly magazine.

Soyafood.info http://www.soya.be
At this web site readers learn about the many aspects of soy from its health benefits to individual foods made from soy such as tofu, tempeh, miso, soy milk. Featured are studies showing positive benefits of soy, recipes, and ratings of European soy products. The Soya Health section presents The Cows vs. Soya Milk comparison.

SoyStache http://www.soystache.com
The team of Bill Amey and Jeff Rogers has developed "a unique project to promote a plant-based diet." The principle feature of the site is their information about famous vegetarians. Also included are recipes, an extensive link list, physicians advocating a vegan diet, and environmental, health, and animal rights facts.

Tempeh.info http://www.tempeh.info
Discover a highly informative web site that reveals everything there is to know about tempeh. Learn how to make it from start to finish in your own home, how to vary recipes, and how to create your own incubator and to control the temperature. Information on inoculants, storage, and troubleshooting are also covered. Visitors can purchase tempeh starter at this site.

VegFamily http://www.vegfamily.com
Subtitled Vegan Parenting Online, this web location created by Erin and Steve Pavlina, is a resource for vegan parents. Includes shopping information, articles of interest to vegetarians, a discussion board, experts who answer queries about topics such as pregnancy, cooking, exercise, book reviews, product reviews, and more.

Veg World http://www.veg-world.com/
A combined effort of vegetarians and vegans in Britain and the U.S. provides information and support to the vegetarian community and to those considering vegetarianism. At this site are numerous recipes, vegetarian articles, suggested books, tips to get one started on the veg path, a list of famous vegetarians, and links to vegetarian web sites.

Vegan Peace http://www.veganpeace.com
A compassionate web site where visitors can learn about veganism, choose original e-cards with vegan messages, submit cookbook reviews, learn about sweatshops and child labor, read about the many benefits of peaceful parenting, discover that being gay is okay, and select books to purchase from the annotated book list. They can learn about healthy vegan eating, read about environmental concerns, and explore the extensive links by category.

Vegan Spirituality http://www.veganspirituality.com
At this site you can explore veganism and spirituality as they relate to compassion for all living beings. Honor your vegan ethics and nurture your inner spiritual side by joining local meetup groups and attending vegan events.

Vegan Street http://www.veganstreet.com
Committed to "commerce with a conscience," this vegan activist group has created a dynamic web presence with a publication presenting an assorted mix of provocative features. Included are news stories, interviews, editorials, a community directory, recipes, kitchen tips, chapters from an activists handbook, etiquette advice from Gwendolyn Good-deed, and items to buy at the Vegan Street Market.

VeganWork http://www.veganwork.com
This original website is a national jobs board for vegans and vegetarians. Postings are listed by state and select cities and also by category such as restaurant, bakery, juicery, animal rights, farm sanctuary, and cruelty-free. In each region, visitors will find resource links and job alerts. Follow on social media and visit their blog.

VegHealth http://www.veghealth.com
Visitors learn from experts like Dr. Michael Klaper, Vesanto Melina, and Jill Nussinow how to be healthy on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Provided is a vegetarian or vegan nutrition guide, plus a 10-day email course on vegan health secrets for signing up as a member.

The Vegetarian Mitzvah http://www.brook.com/jveg
The Vegetarian Mitzvah discusses how the consumption of animals conflicts with Judaism in at least seven major ways, with many quotes from and links to rabbis, Jewish holy texts, Jewish books, articles, and organizations, as well as to scientific and other sources. The Vegetarian Mitzvah clearly shows that "a higher form of being kosher is vegetarianism."

The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii (VSH) http://vsh.org
Founded in 1990, VSH has held monthly meetings since then with outstanding speakers from all over the world. Recorded DVD programs dealing with health, food preparation, and philosophy, previously shown only in Hawaii, have now been converted to Flash (.flv) format, uploaded, and are viewable online at http://vsh.voip-info.org/ or by going to the VSH home page and clicking mid-page on "New! Watch VSH lectures online."

The Veggie Place http://www.veggieplace.com
This site has a strong focus on preservation of the earth's resources through vegetarianism. Here you will find information on animal rights and the environment. Check out the Articles, Vegetarian Recipes, Resources, and numerous Links to enhance your vegetarian knowledge.

Vegigirl.com http://www.vegigirl.com
Vegigirl Jessica Goeller, "Designer, Developer, and all-around Righteous Babe," has developed a web presence that focuses on ethical protein. Her site includes information on meat and poultry analogs; FAQ about vegetarianism, nutrition, and vegetarian foods; a list of foods showing ones that contain animal products; a link to her online vegetarian nutrition community; and a tribute to her grandmother, her vegetarian mentor.

vegsource.com http://www.vegsource.com
This is the most colorful, information-packed site you can imagine. It boasts, "Friendly support 25 hours a day, 8 days a week for your healthy, vegetarian lifestyle." Founded by Jeff and Sabrina Nelson, this site is the starting point for new vegetarians as well as a meeting place for old timers. The Veg-Source On-Line Magazine is loaded with articles by some of the biggest names in vegetarianism and medicine. It hosts a number of Veg Source Discussion Boards, provides lists of interesting reading, offers thousands of vegetarian recipes, book reviews as well as nutritional data and health/diet facts, and links to numerous web sites.

Vegweb http: //www.vegweb.com
On-line vegetarian/vegan resource guide with over 4,000 recipes, Free newsletter, Free recipes via email, Chat, Recipe Exchange, Menu maker, Grocery list maker, Thousands of links to other veggie sites and information, Reader Poetry, Reader Testimonies and Bios, Shopping page, Periodic free drawings. Net surfers may join Veggies Unite by paying the $15 annual dues; however, those who cannot afford the money, may join free.

V-lish http://www.v-lish.com
Sponsored by Farm Sanctuary, this website is intended "to help guide you through the world of cruelty-free eating and living." Includes information about how to transition to a vegetarian diet, sources of cruelty-free clothing, links to information about vegetarian food and restaurants, vegetarian children issues, caring for dogs and cats, suggestions for vegan activism, and more.

Why Go Vegan? https:www.vegansociety.com/go-vegan/why-go-vegan
This article by The Vegan Society makes the case for going vegan for a multitude of reasons and outlines it's for the animals, for your health, for the environment, for the benefit of people, why meat is so bad for the environment, and why vegetarian isn't enough.

The World Carrot Museum http://www.carrotmuseum.com
This amazing web site displays extensive research on all aspects of carrots from growing, to detailed history, nutritional benefits, carrot trivia, unique recipes, medicinal benefits, anecdotal stories, carrot varieties, cultivation of carrots, and a fun page. Visitors will enjoy the personal touch and attractive drawings that are an integral part of this site.

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Barnard Medical Center
Headed by Neal Barnard, MD, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, this medical facility located in Washington, DC, offers complete medical care with a focus on reversing illness through prevention and nutrition. The facility holds classes and events to teach people how to develop a healthy lifestyle on a plant-based diet.

The Chari Center of Health, Inc. http://www.charicenter.com
A unique San Diego health treatment center family owned and operated. Dr. Roopa Chari, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, includes alternative therapies such as herbal remedies, hypnosis, thought field therapy, and interactive guided imagery along with conventional medicine to help her patients. Vegetarian cooking is an important part of the healing regimen and is taught by Mrs. Chari, a family member who was an instructor at the University of Toledo in Ohio.

Eat Well Stay Well http://www.eatwell-staywell.com
Microbiology researcher Sharon McRae is a plant-based certified health coach who recognizes that preventing chronic health issues through a plant-based diet is the key to good health. She offers her health coaching services and resources in addition to easy-to-prepare recipes, events, and testimonials.

Fun Meals 4 Kids!!! http://www.funmeals.webs.com and http://www.facebook.com/funmeals4kids
This creative mom developed a unique and fun way to encourage her child to try new fruits and vegetables. Using her homegrown food artistry, anyone can recreate her easy-to-make food presentations that motivate kids to give fruits and veggies the taste test. Readers will also discover how she turned food into a fun game.

Healing and Yoga with Laurie Levine http://www.laurielevine.com/
Laurie Levine, author of a new book, Spiritual Medicine, offers many articles on healing on this site that includes help for those who suffer from pain, anger, confusion, or any of life's challenges. Laurie even presents an opportunity to talk "live" to her by downloading Firetalk, a free internet service, and attending her on-line discussions and workshops.

Healing Heart Foundation http://heart.kumu.org
Dr. Neal Pinckney introduces his web site with a personal story of how he has reversed his own heart disease. He has established the Healing Heart Foundation to show others how they can prevent as well as reverse heart disease. Included is information on what to eat, how to exercise, and how to manage stress, all part of his Healthy Heart Handbook. FAQ, recipes, and a discussion group are all part of the package.

Holistic Dentists http://www.emergencydentists.usa.com
This website collects holistic dentists across the country. At this site visitors can find top and natural dentists in their area. Anyone looking for holistic, biological, and natural dentists, mercury-free and mercury safe treatments, 24-hour services including wweekends, nights, and holidays. An informative blog describes their mission and answers frequently-asked questions from patients.

Nutrition Crash Course -- Nutrition Audio Series http://nutritioncrashcourse.com/index.html
A concise online audio guide to key nutrition topics, with particular emphasis on the benefits of natural food vs. processed junk foods as well as the advantages of a plant based diet.

PCRM Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine http://www.pcrm.org
Founded in 1985, PCRM is a non-profit organization supported by nearly 5,000 physicians and 100,000 laypersons. This group promotes preventive medicine through innovative programs, encourages higher standards for ethics and effectiveness in research, and advocates broader access to medical services. They promote a plant based diet, challenge the government's dietary guidelines, engage in research projects, and discourage animal experimentation. PCRM publishes a quarterly magazine.

Plant-Based Doctors http://www.plantbaseddoctors.org
Anyone looking for a doctor who understands and supports the plant-based lifestyle can find a physician in their area by using this impressive database that lists doctors across the US and anywhere in the world. The innovators of this website encourage people to contribute to and help broaden the database, making it convenient for everyone to locate a doctor nearby.

Vegangal.com http://www.vegan-gal.com
This website sells the DVD, "Change Your Food, Change Your Life," produced by Jill Ovnik, addressing healthy lifestyle choices in the form of a vegan diet. Site also boasts a monthly e-newsletter providing recipes and motivational information. Other pages include recipes, stories from site subscribers, a list of famous vegetarians, and a links page.

VegDocs http://www.vegdocs.com
A website that features vegan and vegetarian doctors who understand the important role a plant-based diet plays in everyday health. They offer listings of veg doctors across the U.S., making it easy to find a doctor knowledgeable about vegan lifestyles. At this site people can locate a doctor in their area or recommend a doctor to add to their listing. The Resources section is where Veg Docs set up an Amazon.com e-store featuring books on the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Vegetarian Nutrition Resource List http://fnic.nal.usda.gov/lifecycle-nutrition/vegetarian-nutrition
Produced by the Food and Nutrition Center of the National Agricultural Library of the USDA, this extensive compilation of materials is an outstanding resource for vegetarians. Included are General Information on Vegetarian Nutrition, Vegetarian Diets and Disease Prevention and Treatment, Vegetarian Diets for Special Populations, Soyfoods, Vegetarian Cooking and Foods, and Resource Centers.

Vibrant Health Institute http://www.vibranthealthinstitute.com
This Michigan facility offers week-long programs focused on healing with nourishing foods along with health and conscious communication lectures, yoga, rebounding, infrared, sauna, silent Wednesdays, release ceremony, detox and weight-loss programs, food addiction issues, stress relief, candida issues. Featured is a program of green juice and wheatgrass juices to alkalize the body and organic, gluten and dairy-free raw and living foods to offer a path to health.

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This meal delivery company services Los Angeles and Orange County areas offering weekly vegan meals consisting of 16 items including soup, side salads, entrees, side dishes, and raw snacks. Current menus are posted online and are all vegan, may be gluten-free, wheat-free, or soy-free on request. They offer one-on-one dietary consulting and gluten-free coaching, cooking classes, and catering.

Fresh N' Lean http://www.freshnlean.com
This savvy and truly healthy meal service prepares and ships delicious plant-based, wholesome meals made with fresh produce that's organic, locally sourced, and in-season. The meals contain very low sodium and are made with only a minimum of oils and no preservatives. Weekly meals are never frozen and are shipped fresh in special coolers with ice packs. A week of meals includes wholesome meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and even includes sweet treats for dessert. Meals come ready to heat in the microwave or oven. Choose from the five-or seven-day plan or order a la carte.

Healthy Chef Creations http://www.healthychefcreations.com
Choose a convenient meal program or customize you own meals from an organic, gourmet, and wholesome a la carte menu. Meals are chef-designed to order, freshly prepared, and shipped to your door nationwide. Whether you're aiming for weight loss, eating healthier, or convenience, you'll find it easy to order online or by phone.

22 Days Vegan Meal Delivery http://www.22daysnutrition.com
Founder Marco Borges offers plant-based meals that are certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and made with organic superfoods. The foods are fresh, never frozen, naturally low in fat, sugar, and salt, flavorful and wholesome. They are made from vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, herbs, and spices and available in your choice of meal plans.

Veestro http://veestro.com/
This site is a vegan/vegetarian gourmet meal delivery company, especially designed for people looking for a healthy and convenient alternative. Veestro is a family owned healthy food delivery service. They produce chef- inspired plant-based meals from scratch using only organic, non-GMO ingredients. Customers can choose from a variety of dishes and meal packs, including gluten free, low calorie, high protein, and kids meals. They package, freeze, and ship anywhere in the US.

The Vegan Garden https://thevegangarden.com
A family-owned vegan food delivery business promises fresh and delicious ready-made a la carte meals or full meal plans advised by a nutritionist on staff. They offer meals that are low fat, low calorie, cruelty-free, free from trans-fat and cholesterol, and prepared with mostly local, organically grown foods used in internationally inspired recipes.

The Vegan Taste http://www.thevegantaste.com/meals
This company offers delicious, artisan meals that are 100% plant based, organic, GMO-free, and ethically sourced. The variety of dishes features international favorites as well as familiar comfort foods. Also available are no-oil, gluten-free, and no-soy options.

Vegin'Out http://www.veginout.com
This service is a premier online vegan food, vegan meals and vegetarian meal delivery service for Los Angeles, Southern California, and nationwide. They offer simple, healthy, organic, well balanced and affordable freshly prepared weekly vegan meals and vegetarian meals conveniently delivered right to your home or office. Weekly menus are posted on the website and consist of 9 to 10 vegan meals including entrées and side dishes.

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Escuela de Cocina Vegetariana de Ana Moreno
Webmaster Ana Moreno from Madrid has created a Spanish language, all-encompassing vegetarian web site that includes an impressive variety of articles on subjects that range from Animal Rights, Nutrition, and Ecology to Famous Vegetarians, Recipes, and Vegetarianism for Children, Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers. In addition she includes a "yellow pages" of vegetarian organizations and a lengthy, categorized listing of links to other vegetarian web sites.

Vegan Family House http://www.veganfamily.co.uk
Assembled by a family in Northeastern Scotland, the Family House is arranged in different rooms, each providing information and links to other sources. Included are celebrity quotations, parenting information, recipes, books, holiday facts, and more.

Vegan Village http://www.veganvillage.co.uk
Vegans in the United Kingdom can access the resources of this group that has promoted veganism since 1997. The web site presents information on shopping, food and drink, social activities, travcl, health, and vegan businesses. Includes a "Noticeboard" (bulletin board.)

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Clyde's Vegetable Planting Slide Chart
For home gardeners dedicated to planting their own vegetables, this site offers a chart that takes the guesswork out of when to plant vegetables, local frost dates across the United States, and seeding and harvest dates.

Compost Guide http://www.compostguide.com
A comprehensive website that offers a complete guide to composting including the process of making compost, decomposition, compost materials, bins and tools, using the compost, and troubleshooting composting chart.

Garden Medicinals and Culinaries http://www.gardenmedicinals.com
Gardeners, herbalists, and herb growers may browse the on-line catalog of this company that offers 175 varieties of herbs, vegetables, and flowers. All seeds are untreated and grown organically, ecologically, or conventionally and are open-pollinated, non-gmo varieties. Includes information on using herbs wisely and an extensive links list to other herb sites.

High Mowing Organic Seeds http://www.highmowingseeds.com
Sells 100% organic, non-GMO seeds for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, and cover crops. Now sells over 600 heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid varieties of vegetables, fruit, herb, and flower seeds for wholesale and retail sales. Seed collections, gift ideas, and seed catalogs available. Owner Tom Stearns says, "I see seeds as one of the best educational tools."

How to Grow a Front-Yard Edible Garden Your Neighbors Will Love https://www.redfin.com/blog/2016/07/how-to-grow-a-front-yard-edible-garden-your-neighbors-will-love.html
This site offers 10 excellent tips for growing vegetables that make your front yard eye appealing. Suggestions for growing attractive edible border plants, keeping sprawling plants in a container, and keeping the area well maintained keep everyone happy, A food safety note mentions that edible plants growing close to the sidewalk may be attractive to dogs and cats who use the area as a litter box and may make the plants inedible.

Master Composter http://www.mastercomposter.com
For those who enjoy growing and harvesting their own organic vegetables and flowers, learning the art of composting is a valuable aid to creating the healthiest, vitamin and mineral-rich soil. You don't have to be a green thumb. This site tells all and offers a number of composting methods, step-by-step instructions in building a compost pile, and offers helpful information on overcoming composting problems.

Native Seeds/Search http://www.nativeseeds.org
An Arizona-based nonprofit conservation organization the works to conserve, distribute and document the adapted and diverse varieties of agricultural seed, their wild relatives, and the role these seeds play in cultures of the American Southwestern and northwest Mexico. The site posts the history of the organization and retail seed offerings.

Planet Natural Research Center http://www.planetnatural.com/composting-101/
All you need to know about how to make compost is covered in this easy-to-follow guide from getting started to composting indoors. You'll find tips and tricks and learn the terminology--it truly is Composting 101.

Robinson Love Plants https://robinsonloveplants.com/compost-guide/
Drop in to this site and you'll learn everything you've always wanted to know about composting. This ultimate compost guide explains what compost is and its role and benefits to the healthy growth of plants. At this site readers will find plant guides, pest guides, tool guides, and tips and tricks on composting to grow a robust garden.

Salt Spring Seeds http://www.saltspringseeds.com/
Offers Heritage and Heirloom Seed Catalog for Organic Gardeners. Dedicated to a safe and sustainable organic agriculture, and to all of the organic gardeners out there.

Seed Savers Exchange http://seedsavers.org
Specializes in preserving heirloom vegetable and flower seeds from extinction. Their focus is on heirloom varieties that people brought to North America when their families immigrated as well as traditional varieties grown by Native Americans, Mennonites, and the Amish. A delight for gardeners who want to grow exceptional varieties of vegetables and flowers. Phone or write for catalog.

Seeds of Change http://www.seedsofchange.com/
Sells certified organic vegetable seeds, seedlings, and organic foods from beans, miso, onions, bell peppers, quinoa, and amaranth, to bunches of basil.

Smart Gardening http://www.smartgardening.com
This ecology-focused agency began The Countywide Yard Waste Program in 1990 to help people learn about backyard composting, grass recycling and water-wise gardening to reduce disposal of solid waste in landfills. Learn the facts and the techniques to create your own natural fertilizer for healthy soil and healthy plants and vegetable gardens.
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Environmental Programs Division
Countywide Yard Waste Program

Sustainable America Blog/10 Ways to use Extra Garden Vegetables http://www.sustainableamerica.org/blog/10-ways-to-use-extra-garden-vegetables/
When the garden produces more fruits and vegetables than you can use quickly, turn to this site for a host of suggestions for putting those vegetables to good use and prevent waste. Suggestions range from cooking a meal for a neighbor in need to donating to a food pantry.

Victory Seeds http://www.victoryseeds.com
Relies on the sale of seeds to accomplish their primary mission: to protect seeds. Sells hundreds of open-pollinated and heirloom seeds packaged in inner resealable bags. All seeds are grown by them or purchased from a network of other heirloom seed growers.

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Founded by John Robbins, EarthSave is a global movement that "promotes food choices that are healthy for people and the environment." The group's mission is to "educate, inspire and empower people to shift toward a plant-based diet and to take compassionate action for all life on earth." Their web site includes a FAQ page, a discussion board, essays on significant topics, links to other relevant web locations, and information about the organization, its programs, and how to join.

Food Empowerment Project http://www.foodispower.org
Creating a more just and sustainable world by recognizing the power of one's food choices is the goal of this group. This informative website is an excellent learning tool to teach how people can prevent injustices against animals, people and the environment. FEP also works to discourage corporations from marketing unhealthy foods to low-income areas and encourages people to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Visitors to the website will find many invaluable resources.

Food for Life Global http://www.ffl.org
Billed as the World's Largest Vegan/Vegetarian Food Relief, this Hare Krishna organization distributes 30,000 "karma-free vegetarian meals" daily to needy people around the world. The site provides information and photos of the group's humanitarian efforts.

Food Not Bombs http://www.foodnotbombs.net
This organization is an all-volunteer movement toat recovers food that would otherwise be discarded and shares free vegan and vegetarian meals with the hungry in over 1,000 cities around the world as a way to protest war, poverty, and the destruction of the environment. They also provide food to the survivors of natural disasters. This group works in coordination with many other organizations like Earth First! and Farm Animal Rights Movement.

Going Vegetarian http://www.vegsoc.org/newveg
Maintained by the UK Vegetarian Society, this site presents information on why people should be vegetarians, answers common questions about vegetarianism, gives useful tips on going and staying vegetarian, and tells what a person should eat every day on a vegetarian diet.

Kind Green Planet http://www.kindgreenplanet.org
A non-profit organization devoted to educating people about healthy, humane, eco-friendly living. Their activism is through grassroots film screenings and workshops, lifestyle coaching, and community programs that empower people to make compassionate food choices and develop a respect for living consciously on the earth. Visitors will find a schedule of events and programs and an excellent resource center with a variety of links.

National Health Association (NHA) http://www.healthscience.org/
Formerly known as the American Natural Hygiene Society, this non-profit organization promotes the benefits of a plant-based diet. The group provides educational materials, educational events, and services to thousands of people around the world

North American Vegetarian Society http://www.navs-online.org
Founded in 1974, NAVS is "dedicated to promoting the vegetarian way of life." The organization publishes Vegetarian Voice,a quarterly magazine and sponsors regional and national conferences. World Vegetarian Day and Summerfest are two major activities of the group. Their web site contains sample articles from the magazine, campaign information, a list of affiliate groups, details about their annual events, and links.

Organic Consumers Assocation http://OrganicConsumers.org
This group is "dedicated to building a healthy, safe and sustainable system of food production and consumption." The organization is a clearinghouse for information on organic standards, genetically engineered foods, food irradiation, bovine growth hormones, toxic foods, and mad cow disease.

The Organic Farming Research Foundation http://www.ofrf.org
A national nonprofit charitable organization founded in 1990 to foster the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming systems. OFRF pursues this mission by sponsoring research related to organic farming; disseminating research results to organic farmers and to growers interested in adopting organic production practices; and educating the public and decision-makers about organic farming issues. Working organic farmers from across the United States comprise the majority of OFRF's Board of Directors.

Vegetarian Resource Group http://www.vrg.org
The Vegetarian Resource Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and intererelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger. In a graphically attractive site, the group, which publishes theVegetarian Journal,includes vegetarian and vegan recipes, nutrition information, recipes, excerpts fromVegetarian Journal,vegetarian travel information, and a vegetarian game. Membership in the organization includes a subscription to the magazine which is published six times a year

Vegan Life Colorado http://www.veganlifecolorado.org/
This internet site is the voice of an organization that has been in existence since 1975 and has over 500 members in 5 branch groups around the state. Visitors will find "Topics of Interest to Vegetarians" that are reprinted from ones produced and distributed by the group. They will also be able to access information in the following areas: "Why I Should Become a Vegetarian ", a "Vegetarian Dining Guide" for Colorado, and "Links to Other Sites of Interest."

Veggie Happy (formerly Soy Happy) http://www.veggiehappy.com/
A national campaign to encourage all major league baseball parks to have veggie dogs available for fans. The site contains a Ballpark Reference Guide to assist those who want to write letters, send e-mails, or make phone calls urging the baseball clubs to provide food for vegetarians.

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Cloud Star http://www.cloudstar.com
Sells dog food, a line of wet and dry, grain-free dog foods, flavored grain-free dog treats, and foods that are dairy-free, grain-free, gluten-free, potato-free, and foods for dogs with allergies, food sensitivities, and vegetarian dogs. Also available are soft chews for dogs with hip and joint issues.

Coupon Chief https://www.couponchief.com/guides/ultimate_guide_to_saving_money_on_pets
This helpful website offers pet owners a host of innovative ideas for ways to save money on everything needed to acquire and maintain a household pet. Savvy shopping using the handy guide can save dollars on pet foods, veterinary care, pet supplies, pet services, and pet adoptions.

Eco Dogs and Cats https://www.ecodogsandcats.com
Sells vegan dog and cat foods, pet treats, pet toys, supplements, dog and cat beds and blankets, travel accessories and carriers, litter box accessories, collars and leashes, and grooming supplies. They also feature a blog.

Evolution Diet http://
Sells wet and dry vegan cat and dog food online. Also available are dog treats, accessories, supplements and health services. They also sell 3 flavors of vegan jerky for humans. Buying in bulk saves money.

Flying with Pets https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/pets-reward-frequent-flier-miles-1263.php
This site is a helpful, comprehensive guide for anyone planning to travel by air with their pets or emotional support animals. Different airlines place a variety of restrictions and policies for the types of pets and where and how they may travel on the plane. Some airlines require health documents from a certified vet. Other airlines require passengers traveling with their emotional support animal to provide a letter from a physician. Visit this guide in advance of travel to learn all the details that passengers will need to travel with their pets.

My Pet Naturally http://www.mypetnaturally.com
This online store sells high quality organic and healthy foods for dogs, cats, and ferrets. Also available are healthy treats, pet toys, beds and bowls, pet grooming. Their very own pet bakery offers pupcakes, cookies, and cakes that even humans can share with their pets. In addition to their onnline store, this company also has a physical location in Los Angeles at 12001 W. Pico Blvd.

Pet Guard http://www.chewy.com
An online store that sells wet and dry dog and cat foods, supplements, herbal dog and cat collars, dog treats, organic catnip, shampoo and conditioner, dog biscuits, dental health care, and grooming. Also available are foods for special diets including gluten-free, grain-free, corn, wheat, and soy-free, organic, vegan, and vegetarian categories. They also sell Buddy Biscuits for dogs and cats.

The Pet Pantry http://www.feedyourpets.com
Sells dog and cat foods, grooming supplies, pet toys and accessories, products to treat fleas. Also available are several varieties of birdseed, and rabbit and guinea pig foods. Sells an extensive line of cat treats and dog biscuits including grain-free varieties and well-known brands like Old Mother Hubbard.

Pet-Proofing Your Home and Yard Safe for Dogs and Cats https://www.homeadvisor.com/r/pet-proofing-home-yard/
The home and yard may contain safety hazards that could cause harm or injury to your family pet. Items like home cleaning supplies, poisonous plants, toxic chemicals in the garage, pesticides, empty plastic bags, worn electrical cords, and many other items need to be stored properly for safety. This site offers helpful information to help you avoid the hazards and keep your pet happy and safe.

Thrive Cuisine: What's the Deal with Vegan Dog Food? https://thrivecuisine.com/lifestyle/vegan-dog-food/
At this website readers will learn that dogs can be healthy on a well-conceived vegan diet, and discover guidelines for providing a well-balanced nutritionally-sound diet for their dogs. What's in your pet's food? Do veterinarians support a vegan diet for dogs? These questions and many more are covered on this website in addition to additional links covering the topic of a vegan diet for dogs.

Vegan Cats http://www.vegancats.com
Sells vegan cat and dog foods, pet treats and snacks, collars and leashes, supplements, bath care and shampoo, toys and accessories, books and DVDs, and vitamins. This online store is vegan owned and operated.

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Ecorazzi http://ecorazzi.com
This vegan website is a fascinating potpourri of articles from hog farmers vs vegan butchers to vegan kids that are changing lives. Includes all things vegan from the everyday world to the unique stories and happenings that will keep readers returning.

Some Vegan Girl http://somevegangirl.com/
This unique website features a team of four women who are on the cutting edge of what's new in the vegan community. Anyone looking for what's hot in animal welfare, vegan fast food, restaurant news, new products, and new businesses will find exciting news to ponder.

Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine http://www.veganhealthandfitnessmag.com/
Launched in Summer 2012, this quarterly magazine is available in Whole Foods stores around the US. Editor Brenda Carey, model and body builder, has assembled a colorful publication filled with photos of body builders, nutritional information by experts, interviews, exercises, recipes, vegan advice, training tips, and more. Subscribers are automatically entitled to both the digital and print versions of each issue, but may opt for the tree-free, digital-only subscription.

Veg News http://www.vegnews.com
North America's premier vegetarian newspaper with over 100,000 readers includes interviews, travel information, recipes, book reviews, vegetarian products and resources, as well as informative news and special features for vegetarians. Now includes Vegetarian Baby and Child, formerly a separate publication. For a free sample copy send an e-mail from their website.

Vegan Poet http://www.veganpoet.com
M. Butterflies Katz, offers her vegan poetry in Metamorphosis: Poems to Inspire Transformation, a collection of her work that draws inspiration from animals, ecology, and humanity. Co-author of Incredibly Delicious: Recipes for a New Paradigm published by Gentle World, Butterflies is also a professional vegan chef.

The VegE-News http://www.lholmesassociates.com/newsletters/veg/html/veg_main.shtml
A monthly e-newsletter featuring current news stories and items of interest to vegetarians. Includes articles on Health, Environment, Lifestyles and Trends, Animal Issues and Advocacy, Book and Documentary Reviews, Recipes, and Books for sale.

Vegetarian Journal http://www.vrg.org/journal
Published by the Vegetarian Resource Group, this bi-monthly magazine is directed to people interested in health, ecology, and ethics. Included are articles of interest to vegetarians, notices of vegetarian events, recipes, book reviews, product evaluations, and information about products and services. The on-line version contains excerpts from the magazine. Anyone becoming a contributing member of VRG for $30 will receive the magazine plus a copy of Vegan Handbook.

Vegetarian Times http://www.vegetariantimes.com
The premiere vegetarian magazine displays a premiere web publication. Beginning with a an attractive graphically appealing home page, the editors have grouped a number of informative articles under headings like Natural Beauty, Health, Eco-Home, Travel, and Links. The site offers loads of recipes as well as featured articles and stories.

Vibrance (formerly Living Nutrition) http://vibrancemagazine.com/
Leading the raw health revolution, this magazine is the world's premier health periodical, dedicated to teaching health seekers how to eat their natural diet of alive raw foods. Nutrition education, raw food recipes, dietary transition help, natural hygiene history, and organic gardening are only a few of the many offerings in this magazine that is published twice yearly.

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The Dr. Don Show
Dr. Don Wagner, DO, PC, a strong supporter of a plant-based lifestyle, interviews guests and discusses how health issues can be addressed by following a healthy food regimen. Listen live Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. PST on KAAA and KZZZ Talk Networks.
Contact Dr. Don at drdonwagner@gmail.com or call 928-704-9202

Delicious TV http://www.delicioustv.com
A vegetarian cooking show created by Toni Avtges, Betsy Carson, and Kate Kaminsky that airs weekly throughout the state of Maine. The website offers a host of Tony's casual Mediterranean style recipes. See website for up-to-date information on air times.

Food Matters http://www.foodmatters.tv
A video that clearly shows natural whole food maintains the body's health and heals the sick body more successfully than medication and without the unpleasant side effects caused by pharmaceuticals. A second video, Hungry for Change, is dedicated to helping people escape the diet trap. The Food Matters organization created FMTV, an online subscription channel that offers a library of over 350 health and wellness documentaries.

GO VEGAN! With BOB LINDEN http://www.goveganradio.com
The first vegan radio show in the United States is heard on radio stations across the country including Air America and XM Satellite and progressive talk radio stations . Past shows can be heard on the net at http://www.goveganradio.com or streaming at http://www.airamerica.com Linden interviews celebrities and presents current information to his listeners about events, lifestyles, and philosophy related to veganism and animal concerns.

Health & Longevity Life Talk Radio http://www.healthandlongevityradio.com Dr. John Westerdahl, PhD, MPH, RD, CNS, is dedicated to providing the latest cutting edge information about nutrition, health, and lifestyle medicine so people can live a vibrant, healthy and long life. Listen on Fridays 5:00 p.m. EST and Sundays at 3:00 p.m. EST

Health Talk Hawaii http://www.healthtalkhawaii.com
Hosted by Hesh Goldstein, this vegan radio show originates from Honolulu and airs from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. on Saturdays on the 1080 AM dial. Podcasts, videos, articles, and suggested reading are archived on the site.

The Jazzy Vegetarian Television Show http://www.kcet.org/shows/jazzy_vegetarian
Airing on KCET in Los Angelesevery Friday at 11:30 a.m., host Laura Theodore, The Jazzy Vegetarian, speaks to health conscious people of all ages, focusing on nutritious, delicious, and easy-to-prepare food and eco-lifestyle tips to help people live a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle. The Jazzy Vegetarian reaches out to mainstream Americans, dedicated vegans, and non-vegetarians alike who are on the path to wellness and health through earth friendly and compassionate food choices.

Planted in Miami http://www.plantedinmiami.com
This website is an iTunes “New & Noteworthy” podcast about the business owners, artists, musicians, farmers and others who are moving Miami forward through social awareness and community engagement. From environmental causes to healthy lifestyles, animal welfare to conscious living, it's about giving people the information that they need to make informed decisions about living a more thoughtful and compassionate life. Videos of their work can be found at http://www.youtube.com/plantedinmiami.

The Real Food Channel http://therealfoodchannel.com
A free, service organization that searches the internet for health-related videos that show the clinical research demonstrating the relationship between food and health and how food can heal. Subscribers are notified about new videos and can readily access them from shared links.

REAL Responsible Eating and Living http://responsibleeatingandliving.com
Caryn Hartglass hosts the weekly Ask a Vegan internet radio show and interviews guests making a difference in the vegan world. REAL Worldwide Radio Broadcasting Live airs on Sundays 7 to 8 p.m. ET. Caryn, a cancer survivor and vegan activist, founded this "non-profit" radio show to spread the word about the benefits of a plant-based diet

Supreme Master Television http://suprememastertv.com
This television station is a free-to-air satellite and online channel promoting vegetarianism, compassionate living, spirituality, ecology, and animal rights. This station broadcasts across the globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides international programs in English with more than 42 subtitles and 60 languages. Also features vegan cooking shows and interviews with medical and nutritional experts along with those knowledgeable on the environmental impacts of our dietary choices.

Veggie Vision http://www.veggievision.tv
Headed by Karin Ridgers, this internet TV station shows play on demand mini video programs 24/7. Promotes veganism through the media with education, entertainment, and information for cruelty-free living and animal-free eating. Channels available include cookery, celebs, and educational programming.

VegTv.Com http://www.vegtv.com
America's first interactive vegan TV series is broadcast on the Healthy Living Channel Wednesday mornings at 8:00 a.m. Pacific time. The program can be seen on Echostar's Dish Network Channel 223 and cable systems around the country. News journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell and cookbook author Marie Oser join forces to create shows that emphasize low-fat vegan recipes as well as provide informational interviews of celebrities who have gone vegan. On the website they present a variety of "veggie videos" on nutrition, excercise, wieght loss, disease prevention, sex, and lifestyle with the goal of turning the planet on to veggie living.

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The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, Inc. http://www.annwigmore.org
Teaches self-healing through the living foods lifestyle that was created by Dr. Ann Wigmore. This health retreat, located in Puerto Rico, features uncooked natural organic foods along with many activities. Choose a certification program or personal healing program. Teaches planting, composting, sprouting, harvesting, food preparation, detoxing the body, and more.

Dr. Cousens' Tree of Life Center US http://www.treeoflife.nu
An oasis for awakening, they provide guests organic, vegan, live-food, kosher cuisine at the Tree of Life Café. Guests may participate in daily live-food preparation. Much of their food is grown on their organic farm nurtured with ocean minerals and EM (Effective Microorganism products). Participants can earn an M.A. in Vegan Live-Food Nutrition under the professorship of Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), Diplomat in Ayurveda.

The Garden Diet http://www.thegardendiet.com
A directory and portal to the raw food lifestyle and living food information with a plethora of resources for shopping, stores, food, equipment, and farmers markets. The site provides a networking opportunity for raw food chefs, nutritionists, trainers, coaches, teachers, speakers, and home delivery services.

Living and Raw Foods http://www.living-foods.com
Raw food devotees will find recipes, articles, information, testimonials, and support on this graphically attractive site. By joining the "living and raw food community," you can have free web based email at rawfoods.com.

Living Light Culinary Arts Institute http://www.rawfoodchef.com
Author of vegan recipe book Angel Foods,Cherie Soria is the director of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute which certifies chefs, teachers, and individuals in the art of creating gourmet living foods. Her site includes articles and information about certified chefs, workshops, retreats, and her book.

Raw Family http://www.rawfamily.com
Having been on raw foods for many years, the Boutenko Family has acquired invaluable experience in living on a raw food diet. On this web site they offer many unique viewpoints in articles and provide answers to frequently asked questions, along with recipes and other helpful hints. In their online store they present products they consider to be the best and the most useful. They send out updates and discoveries in a monthly e-newsletter.

The Raw Vegan Network http://www.TheRawVeganNetwork.com
Provides online raw food certification for those wishing to expand their portfolios of expertise enabling them to serve others in their locale who would like to experience the health benefits of living a raw food lifestyle. Also offers free contact services for people desiring help in raw food services.

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Happy Cow's Global Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants
Happy Cow is a compendium of vegetarian restaurants and health food stores across the nation as well as around the globe. People who travel have contributed resources to assist other travelers in locating places to eat and shop for vegetarian food. Visitors to the site are encouraged to contribute information to help keep the site current. Included are numerous links to other vegetarian web sites.

The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living in the San Francisco Bay Area http://www.bayareaveg.org/ug
Asssembled and maintained by the Bay Area Vegetarians, this attractive and informative guide lists more than 80 strictly vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Also includes health food stores, farmers markets, lodging, services, and publications as well as other information pertinent to vegetarians.

VegGuide.Org http://www.vegguide.org/
Created by Compassionate Action for Animals, this site is a nonprofit, community- maintained resource that provides a comprehensive listing of vegetarian,/vegan-friendly restaurants, markets, coffee shops, and more.

VegOut Vegetarian Restaurant Guide for the iPhone http://vegoutapp.com
World's largest international listing of vegan, vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants at your finger tips. Restaurant listings can be found by exact location or a custom location in travel planning. VegOut is powered by Happy Cow. Download VegOut from the AppStore.

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A grocery shopping guide that lists products and tells their animal ingredients, vegan ingredients, and ingredients that may be derived from either plants or animals.

Lists products from more than 200 companies in the US and Canada that have not been tested on animals

Do Eat Raw
Features a collection of raw recipes that includes salad dressings, appetizers, main courses, and smoothies

Happy Cow
Based on Happy Cow, the best website to search for veg-friendly restaurants around the world. Includes contact information, an interactive map, and reviews.

My Eclectic Kitchen
A collection of recipes that celebrates plant-based and gluten-free whole foods. Chef Yvonne Ardestani, develops healthy alternatives to the normally not-so-healthy foods. All of her recipes are vegan, white sugar-, gluten-, soy- and dairy-free, and, best of all, devoid of refined ingredients.

Veg Kickstart
Outlines the first 21 days for someone embarking on a vegan diet. Offers motivational information along with a variety of vegan recipes

Vegan Life
Provides vegan recipes, animal-friendly advice, and articles on vegan lifestyle

Gives a list of vegan menu items from over 110 popular restaurant chains. Includes information on which candies, snacks, and alcohol are vegan

Finds the location of vegan and vegetarian-friendly in your area anywhere in the world

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Azienda Agrituristica Montali
Perched on a hill in romantic, historic Italy is Country House Montali, a charming hotel that features scenic views of Lower Tuscany, Trasimento Lake, and the valley of Perugia. The hotel, located between Rome and Florence, beckons the visitor to enjoy one of its 10 rooms in the restored old stone farmhouse, delight in the panoramic views of both sunrise and sunset, take a swim in the outdoor pool, go trekking in the surrounding countryside, and dine on fine vegetarian cuisine made from foods grown right on the farm.
Azienda Agrituristica Montali, Via Montali 23
06068 Tavernelle di Panicale (PG) Italy
Phone: **39/075/8350680
FAX: **39/075/8350144

Bicycle Beano Vegetarian Cycle Tours http://www.bicycle-beano.co.uk
Cycling holidays on the idyllic lanes of Wales and the Welsh borders of England, with delicious vegetarian cuisine, mostly organic. Friendly non-macho groups, relaxed atmosphere.

Blissed Out Retreats http://www.blissedoutretreats.com
Vegan travelers can pack their bags and enjoy a tasty retreat to two of the most magical places in the world--Bali in Indonesia or Peru in South America. The offerings include nia dance, yoga, art and self-care, meditation, nourishing vegan meals, Balinese cooking classes and more. The travel company is founded by chef, cookbook author, and personal trainer Christy Morgan.

Green Earth Travel http://www.vegtravel.com
Experienced travelers Donna Zeigfinger and Stephen Abelsohn team up to offer travel options that cater to vegan and vegetarian dietary needs. Some options available for those on a living foods diet also. From country inns to archeological digs this pair can send you cruising or flying on a memorable vacation.
7 Froude Circle
Cabin John, Maryland 20818
Phone: 301-571-4603 or 888-246-8343
E-mail: Greeneatvl@aol.com

The Green House on the Hill Vegetarian B & B http://www.the-green-house.co.nz
Set in a quiet woodland, yet only 5 minutes walk from the heart of "Art Deco" Napier, The Green House on the Hill offers a friendly and smoke-free base for those visiting Hawkes Bay on the sunny East Coast of New Zealand's North Island. Napier was destroyed by earthquake in 1931 and rebuilt in the following 2 years in Art Deco style, making it unique in its architecture. The B & B is surrounded by wineries, and beaches are close by.
18b Milton Rd.
Napier, NZ
Phone: 06 8354475
E-mail: ruth@the-green-house.co.nz

Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve http://www.vegetarianresort.com
Inspired by nature, hosts Mayah and Jeffro welcome visitors to their lakeside resort on picturesque Lake Atitlan in Guatamala. Amenities include palm thatched sleeping pavilions, sauna, hot pool, king beds with organic Egyptian cotton sheets, towels and robes, kayaks and canoes, and full service all-vegetarian gourmet restaurant. Many opportunities to explore local flora and fauna and enjoy nature on ancient Mayan hiking trails.

Living Light Inn http://www.rawfoodchef.com
Formerly The Colonial, a B & B, this historic inn offers an eco-friendly environment for travelers visiting stunning Fort Bragg and the Mendocino Coast of California. Craftsman-style 1912 architecture and beautiful grounds blend with modern touches like state-of-the art water filtration system, linens and bedding made from organic fibers, ecological cleaning supplies, and on-site recycling and composting. The ten rooms, all with private bath and original art, have names like Serenity, Harmony, Inspiration, and Prosperity.

Porto Club Greek Vegetarian Travel http://www.portoclub.gr
An all-inclusive travel service that specializes in eco-tourism excursions throughout the Greek islands mainland Greece and offers a special vegetarian tour featuring vegan Cretan style menus.
28 Efodou + Pelasgon St.
GR-71303 Heraklion - Crete
Phone: +30-2810-259139 or 2810-317358
FAX: +30-2810-372570
e-mail: portocal@otenet.gr

Vegan Travel Club https://vegantravelclub.com
This is an opportunity for vegans to listen and learn to great historical tidbits, national curiosities, and regional nuances from wonderful tour guides who lead tours to Italy, Ireland, Spain, and USA. Enjoy delicious eats from restaurants picked for their vegan offerings and enjoy fresh meals cooked by your tour's chef.

The Vegetarian Travel Guide http://www.vegetarianusa.com
Do you follow a vegetarian, vegan, or live foods lifestyle? Peter Firk has created the web site to consult for links to give you information about everything from good books to read, to vegetarian organizations throughout the U.S., restaurants, animal rights and activist rallies, potlucks, recipes, activities, and national vegetarian events.
e-mail: peter@naturalusa.com

Vegetarian Vacations - The Veggie Tours Directory http://www.vegetarian-vacations.com/index.html
Directory of tours, holidays and courses with vegetarian or vegan food.

VeggieHotels http://www.veggie-hotels.com/
Lists purely vegetarian hotels, B and Bs, conference centers and health centers around the world. Vegetarian restaurants and organic kitchens of many VeggieHotels offer other dietary options in addition to vegetarian cuisine, e.g., gluten and lactose-free dishes and vegan, raw, and whole foods.

Vegi Ventures http://www.vegiventures.com
Nigel and Jacky Walker offer amazing natural health holidays in Britain, Turkey, and Peru with great vegetarian and vegan food cooked especially for the tour group. Experience relaxing holidays, hill walking, activity holidays, creativity weekends at low cost with special discounts for helping out. VegVoyages http://www.vegvoyages.com
A vegetarian adventure tour company based in the USA providing vegetarian and vegan adventures to exotic locations in Asia. Groups are kept to a maximum size of eight people. Not only visits the "must-see" sights, but also escorts travelers off the beaten path, giving them a chance to gain real insight into a region's culture and heritage.
Phone: 1-888-VEG-WAYS or 1-877-VEG-VOYAGES

Wanderbird Cruises http://www.wanderbirdcruises.com
Explore the scenic coasts of Maine, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador with Captains Rick and Karen on the renovated 90-ft. Dutch shipping vessel, the Wanderbird. The vegetarian-friendly cruise provides 6 "cozy" double cabins for12 passengers. Co-captain Karen says, "I enjoy accommodating the vegetarian palate. Please let us know your needs when booking your cruise."

Welcome to Budaveg http://www.budaveg.com
Vegans and vegetarians traveling to Hungary will want to check with Budaveg for information about "self-catering" accommodations and tour guiding services in Budapest. The website provides information about vegetarian restaurants, cafes, and health food shops as well as local events, sightseeing attractions and apartment rentals.

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About.com Vegetarian Food
About.com has a number of directory-type sites on the web. This one is devoted to vegetarian cuisine and is loaded with informative articles, recipes, cooking advice, restaurant reviews, links to other sites, a chat room, and shopping for books, videos, and other goods and services.

Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory http://www.webdirectory.com
Everything from agriculture to wildlife can be found on this directory which includes vegetarianism as one of its thirty major categories. A good place for a socially conscious person to begin any internet search. Includes an environment bulletin board, letters, and other places to search.

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