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Vegan for the Holidays

Vegan for the Holidays has sold out its first printing.
New copies and the Kindle Edition are still available for purchase at Amazon.


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Vegetarians in Paradise
 Vegetarians in Paradise Vegetarian/Vegan Magazine

A Los Angeles Vegan Web Magazine

A Nonprofit Vegan Public Service Publication

Serving the World Vegan Community Since January 1999

By Zel and Reuben Allen

JANUARY 2017 Vol. 19 No. 1


Welcome to Vegetarians in Paradise. With each new issue we at vegparadise.com hope to provide you with a variety of information pertinent to the vegan community. For those who visit us from other areas of the country or from distant lands, we offer great diversity and invaluable vegan resources for vegans and vegetarians anywhere in the world.

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Vegan Cooking in Paradise
A Plant-Based Cooking Demonstration -- FREE

When: Wednesday, February 22, 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.
Location: San Fernando Library, 217 North Maclay Avenue, San Fernando, CA 91340
For information call 818-365-6928


Delicious Vegan Dishes Bring Paradise to the Dining Room
A Plant-Based Cooking Demonstration -- FREE

When: Saturday, March 4, 2017, 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.
Location: San Dimas Library, 145 N. Walnut Avenue, San Dimas, CA 91773
For information call 909-599-6738


Tasty Vegan Recipes Bring Fresh Ideas to the Table
A Plant-Based Hands-on Cooking Class - FREE

When: Saturday May 20, 2017, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Location: La Mirada Library, 13800 La Mirada Blvd., La Mirada, CA 90638
For information Call 562-943-0277

Join the Wild Celebration
As We Blow Out 19 Candles on Our Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday, Vegetarians in Paradise

As we light another candle on the VegParadise Birthday Cake and embark on our 19th year of publication, we reflect on the challenging experience of publishing a monthly internet magazine for our staff of two who function as webmasters, researchers, writers, and editors. The experience has been labor intensive but quite rewarding, though not monetarily. Even though we are listed as a dot com, we are strictly nonprofit and not a commercial site.

We are especially gratified that we are able to reach such a wide audience. Our email inbox is continuously filled with questions and congratulatory comments from people in 200 nations around the globe who visit our web magazine. We currently have almost 15,000 subscribers who receive information about our monthly updates.
Read More.

Usher in the New Year with a Soiree Or a Daytime Bash
Spicy Pecan Gremolata Log Cinnamon Peanut Butter Torte

Whether our New Year celebration bids farewell to the "old" year on New Year's Eve or welcomes in the new year on New Year's Day, we can bet the celebrants will be in a festive mood and ready for some tasty bites and zesty beverages.

We plan to start the New Year's Eve gatherings on the late side, often about nine or even ten in the evening. That's because many friends enjoy going out to dinner before the party and joining together afterward for nibbling on finger foods, tidbits, and some New Year spirit.
Read More and More.

Zel & Reuben Interviewed on Vegan Spirituality

Good Things Jar What's In Your GOOD THINGS JAR?

A terrific idea came our way from our neighborhood real estate agent, and we adopted it. We began keeping a GOOD THINGS JAR handy on the counter along with a small note pad and pen. Every time we experience one of those special good things, we quickly write it down, fold the note, and tuck it into the jar.

Send some of your GOOD THINGS to us at vegparadise@vegparadise.com and we'll gladly share them with our readers. Maybe we can create a GOOD THINGS ZONE where we can take joy in each other's GOOD THINGS. It just may become a place of comfort to cheer you up when times get tough. Read More.

Thousands Give Up Animal Products During Veganuary

Some have resolved to lose weight, others to stay off booze, while for many "eating more healthily" is a catch-all New Year's resolution.

But thousands of people have now pledged to go one step further, and abandon all animal food products for at least a month. At least 20,000 people have put their names to a campaign aimed at encouraging people to go vegan for the month of January.
Read More.

Shayda Tells Her Story:
100 Pound Weight Loss

Shayda Soleymani

January 12, 2012 was the day my life changed forever. What an amazing group of people I was with, and AJ had built this safe environment for all of us! After the first meeting, AJ passed out some healthy dessert that she had made. As the tray came around to me, I looked up and locked eyes with John Pierre. He said absolutely nothing, but I focused on his eyes. I did not touch the dessert and just kept passing it along. I think that day set the tone of my getting healthy. Abstaining from dessert, even though it was healthy, was the best thing I ever did. He also told me that if I continue eating this way, I would not need surgery on my ankle.
Read More.

Marinated Tofu with Lucky Sauce Auspicious Cauliflower Dragon

Gung Hay Fat Choy!
Celebrate Chinese Red Fire Chicken New Year

Gung Hay Fat Choy is the joyous greeting shared by Chinese families and friends during Chinese New Year celebration. The expression means "good wishes and congratulations." With the Chinese following a lunar calendar, the date of this annual spring celebration occurs on a different date each year that usually falls between the end of January and mid-February and lasts about 15 days.

The special occasion seemed like an opportune time to share one of my favorite recipes just right for the festival. Luck, health and prosperity are often expressed as wishes for the year ahead, bringing families together to share the good wishes. Often, Chinese New Year is a grand family reunion, uniting families who live far away.
Read More. For more Chinese New Year recipes and information Click Here.

Score a Touchdown and Some Extra Points
at Your Super Bowl Party

Hummos Swedish
A simple Sun-Dried Tomato Hummos comes to the football gathering dressed as a football. Prepare a double quantity of this popular garbanzo bean dip and flavor it with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and a touch of spice. Shape it like the pigskin zooming across the football field and decorate with turnip strips to resemble the laces.

A platter, bowl, or basket of Toasted Pita Wedges and fresh Crudités placed between both appetizers will give the party guests all they need to nibble while they stay glued to the screen. Include vegetables like carrot and celery sticks, bell pepper and jicama strips, turnip sticks, radishes, and zucchini strips. More varied suggestions might include snap peas, cabbage wedges, broccoli and cauliflower florets, and fresh asparagus spears.
Read More.

The Heat's On with This Cashew Hot Chile Spread

Cashew Hot Chile Spread
This tasty spread lets you go as wild as your natural chile sensors will allow. I would label this recipe a mild level of chiles and found even spice wimps can handle this spread on some corn chips, rice crackers, or toasted pita wedges.

For the serious fire eaters, try using two or three canned chipotle chiles in adobo sauce. That's enough to keep you warm inside and out all evening long.
Read More.

Bean Juice Whips Them All

Aquafaba Zsu Dever Who would have thought that the juice from a can of chickpeas was not destined to be poured down the drain, but instead has become an essential ingredient in the kitchen as a possible egg replacement?

Goose Wohlt, who writes the forward to this cookbook, was an early discoverer of this liquid that came to be known as aquafaba. Author Zsu Dever credits him for the naming by combining the Latin words for water (aqua) and beans (faba).
Read More.

Vegan Ramen Makes Big Splash in LA

Ramen Hood
If you're new to Los Angeles, you might expect vegan food on nearly every street corner, along with yoga studios and juice stands. But you might still be genuinely surprised by the availability of hearty bowlfuls of vegan ramen that tastes surprisingly like the real thing. Although ramen snobs may not be persuaded over to the green side, vegans and the veg-curious can slurp up a less porky ramen without sacrificing their lust for flavor.

And don't believe the myth that vegetable-based ramen isn't enough to satisfy. An ambrosial broth of roasted mushrooms, kombu, even sunflower seeds and sesame paste, creates a plant-based ramen bowl shimmering with promise. If you weren't entirely convinced, a vegan version of the onsen tamago (soft-boiled egg) might do the trick. Read More.

Read our review of Ramen Hood

Zel's Pays Holiday Penance
with Devishly Delicious Red Salad

Devilishly Red Salad
After the jubilant holiday season of festive gatherings and grand indulging, I often hear people talk about getting back to sensible eating. Many aim to take off the two or three pounds that came their way during December's delightful merrymaking.

So I assembled a salad that's not only gorgeous to feast on, but also rich in a flurry of flavors and generous with pleasing textures. In other words, it's just plain fun to eat.
Read More.

Chef Erven Turns Santa Monica
Into Plant-Based Paradise

Erven Restaurant

Vegan cuisine reaches delicious nirvana at Erven, a relaxed, yet moderately upscale plant-based restaurant in Santa Monica. The welcoming dining spot, located a few doors from 5th Street and Santa Monica Boulevard, opened in July 2016 and occupies the space where Real Food Daily began serving vegan foods in 1993.

Upon entering, we found ourselves in The Marketplace, an anteroom where casual lunch and take-away salads, sandwiches, and juices are attractively displayed in a refrigerated deli case. A friendly host greeted us and offered a complimentary glass of chilled sangria. That was such a pleasing gesture! All it took was one tasty sip and we knew were in for an enjoyable meal.
Read More.

Follow Your Heart, a Vegan Business Based on Principles

Follow Your Heart Follow your heart. It's easier said than done when it comes to business. But for entrepreneur Bob Goldberg, the name of his vegan food company - Follow Your Heart - is a constant reminder that it's possible to be profitable and stay true to your company's idealistic, founding principles.

And that idealism has paid off. When a then 25-year-old Mr Goldberg and three male friends started selling vegetarian food out of their Los Angeles café in 1970, it was to a hippie, counterculture crowd.
Read More.

Aunt Nettie Gives Up the Ghost--Punkin' That Is

Ask Aunt Nettie White Pumpkin Now, I had a great big white punkin' a-settin' on my countertop jes a-waitin' fer the purfect time ta cook it up. An' that punkin' just set my mind to thinkin' it would be mighty deeelicius ta add it right inter a nice winter stew.

First thing I did was put some foil on a great big bakin' pan an' start warmin' up the oven. An' when I put the punkin' on the pan, the oven was ready fer cookin'!
Read More.

Doctor, Heal Thyself!
Steven Lawenda
As a family medicine physician, I treat patients all day long for conditions related to poor nutrition and obesity: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, acid reflux, sleep apnea, arthritis, and low back pain, to name a few. Yet not so long ago, I too was careening down the very same path to health destruction. I have struggled with my weight my entire life, especially since graduating high school. I'm 6'2" and weighed up to 255 lbs. at my peak, which technically qualified me as obese.
Read More.

Veggietaster Returns with Two Vegan Delights
WTRMLN WTR, a Thirst Quencher Without the Vowels

Discovered the perfect thirst-quencher in a 12-ounce bottle of WTRMLN WTR! That's "watermelon water" plus a touch of lemon that's rockin' refreshing when you need to gulp down something wet that's actually 100% juice made from watermelon flesh, watermelon rind, and organic lemon. All the company took out was the tough skin that I would have thrown out anyway if I cut up a fresh watermelon. Trust me--downing a bottle of this is sweet in many ways and much easier than chopping up the darned thing yourself. It's the best after a workout and great after a long hike--two things I really like to do.
Read More.

Explore Black Bean Spaghetti Pasta Goes Asian and Gluten-Free

In the mood for pasta, I took myself to the natural foods market to explore the pasta aisle. There, I found treasure! Explore Asian Organic Black Bean Spaghetti in a 7.5-ounce package came home with me and was so easy to fix. It cooked in 6 or 7 minutes, and I didn't even rinse it (lazy me). I had a tomato veggie sauce all ready and love, love, loved the slightly chewy texture that made it fun to eat! Imagine black pasta on a white plate--a little tomato veggie sauce--and a splash of homemade vegan Parmesan! Couldn't be beat, and there was enough for 4 hungry vegans. Thumbs up for the details: gluten-free, certified organic, kosher parve, 25g protein, and 12g fiber for each 2-ounce serving.
Read More.

UK Citizens Protest Fat Money
Bank of England 5-pound Note
It's unusual for someone to refuse money, but that's the case in the United Kingdom when it comes to the new 5-pound note. Why the refusal? Because it violates religious and ethical principles of some of its citizens.

Why is the money causing such consternation? Many UK citizens will answer, "Because it's fat. The 5-pound note that displays a metallic image of Queen Elizabeth on one side and Winston Churchill on the reverse side is made with minute amounts of tallow. Tallow is animal fat.
Read More.

Lin Silvan & Robert Jacobucci
Receive 24 Carrot Award

Robert Jacobucci and Lin Silvan
Vegetarians in Paradise takes great pride in presenting its 24 Carrot Award to Lin Silvan and Robert Jacobucci for their efforts in founding and guiding the Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN).

Since its inception EVEN has tabled at Earth Day events, distributed literature, held numerous potlucks, offered free vegan starter kits, hosted speakers in the community, and interviewed prominent vegans.
Read More,

Vegetarians in Paradise Diet Appears After 25 Years of Extensive Research

Cooked Cereal with Chopped Fruit Roasted Butternut Sunset Rose Garden Salad
Lima Bean Salad Rouladen Banana Pancakes

Tons of diet books make their debut at the beginning of the year because publishers know the inevitable--so many people have added pounds during the year-end festivities. Most diet books promise a new, slimmed-down you that will be the envy of all your friends.

The number of people staying on these diet plans for any length of time is amazingly low, yet not surprising. Most of these diets fail because people feel deprived by the limited calories and smaller portions that leave them hungry and unsatisfied.
Read More.

Meatless Monday: an Initiative We Should All Support

Meatless Monday If we are judged by the company we keep, we are in good company. Vegetarians in Paradise bedfellows turn out to be an impressive group of organizations interested in public health.

The roster of organizations includes Columbia University Mailman School of Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications. They're all on board to promote Meatless Monday, a campaign to improve national health and benefit the environment. We would like to urge our readers to join us in bringing this message to the attention of the public.
Read More.


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Los Angeles County Farmers' Markets
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LA Vegan Calendar

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