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Vegan for the Holidays

Vegan for the Holidays has sold out its first printing.
New copies and the Kindle Edition are still available for purchase at Amazon.


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Vegetarians in Paradise

Ask Aunt Nettie

Past Aunt Nettie Columns

Post Recession Recipe Series

Curried Noodles and Nuts, September 2018

Mexican Street Corn, Vegan Parmesan, Vegan Sour Cream, August 2018

Walnutty Mediterranean Mushrooms, July 2018

Cherry Rhubarb Crisp, June 2018

Maple Dream Muffins, May 2018

Battered Brassica, April 2018

Savory Onion Poppy Seed Scones, March 2018

Sweetheart Polenta, February 2018

Plum Good Peanut Roll, January 2018

Smoky Garlic Stuffed Endive, December 2017

Asian Market Noodle Soup, November 2017

Butternut Squash, Beet, and Apple Soup, October 2017

Brassy Pickles, September 2017

Mango Macadamia Slaw, August 2017

Fourth of July Fruit Smoothie, June/July 2017

Jicama Salad Cocktail, May/June 2017

Bangkok Kale Salad, April 2017

Bangkok Peanut Dressing, April 2017

Raisin Walnut Bread, March 2017

French Onion Soup, February 2017

Cashew Hot Chile Spread , January 2017

Santa's Christmas Nog, December 2016

Smoky Mushroom Feast, November 2016

Oktoberfest Mashed 'Taters, October 2016

Oatmeal Breakfast Sundae, September 2016

Recession Grub--Cheap Eats Series

#80 Mediterranean Chickpea Salad, August 2016

#79 Roasted Corn Chowder, July 2016

#78 Asian Cauliflower Salad, June 2016

#77 Eggplant in Tahini Sauce, May 2016

#76 Watercress Salad, April 2016

#75 Noodles and Nuts, March 2016

#74 Butternut Pizza Salad, February 2016

#73 Easy Caramelized Onions, January 2016

#72 CranberryPear Sauce, November/December 2015

#71 Pumpkin Pine Nut Cookies, October 2015

#70 Caravan Confections, September 2015

#69 Coconut Salad Dressing, August 2015

#68 Goya Salad Extravaganza, July 2015

#68 Tangy Tarragon & Garlic Dressing, July 2015

#67 Chickpea Chard Pasta Sauce, May/June 2015

#66 Golden Rutabagas, April 2015

#65 Rockin' Tangerine Salad Dressing, March 2015

#64 Creamy Stuffed 'Taters, February 2015

#63 Lentil Vegetable Soup, January 2015

#62 Chili Nuts, December 2014

#62 Maple Cinnamon Nuts, December 2014

#61 Spanish Tapenade Stuffed Tomatoes, November 2014

#60 Veggie-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Creamy Cauliflower Sauce, October 2014

#59 Basil Buttered Pasta with Caramelized Onions, August/September 2014

#58 Aunt Nettie's Summer Fluffery with Glazed Peaches, July 2014

#57 Aunt Nettie's Rainbow Kaleslaw, June 2014

#56 Aunt Nettie's Sunny Sweet Potato Salad, May 2014

#55 Aunt Nettie's Spicy Roasted Asparagus, April 2014

#54 Aunt Nettie's Tomato Cannellini Ragout, February 2014

#53 Aunt Nettie's New Year's Resolution Soup, January 2014

#52 Aunt Nettie's Apricot, Date, and Hazelnut Sticky Pie, December 2013

#51 Aunt Nettie's Roasted Butternut Sunset, November 2013

#50 Aunt Nettie's Yam and Nutbutter Soup, October 2013

#49 Aunt Nettie's Paradise Scalloped Potatoes and Cashews, September 2013

#48 Aunt Nettie's Oatmeal with Variations, August 2013

#47 Aunt Nettie's Okra Pickles, July 2013

#46 Aunt Nettie's Smoky Cauliflower &Potato Chowder, June 2013

#45 Aunt Nettie's "Scrumshous" Stuffed 'Taters, May 2013

#44 Aunt Nettie's Banana Pecan Pancakes, April 2013

#43 Aunt Nettie's Mustard Greens with Tempeh Bacon, January/February 2013

#42Aunt Nettie's Hoppin' John, December 2012

#41 Aunt Nettie's Root for Potato Soup, November 2012

#40 Aunt Nettie's Halloween Ghoulish Stew, October 2012

#39 Aunt Nettie's Chili Pot Purry Soup, September 2012

#38 Aunt Nettie's Texas "Tomater" Soup, August 2012

#37 Aunt Nettie's Country Comfort Shepherd's Pie, July 2012

#36 Aunt Nettie's Country Cabbage Salad, June 2012

#35 Aunt Nettie's Sweet 'Tater Cakes, May 2012

#34 Aunt Nettie's Root Cellar Stew, April 2012

#33 Aunt Nettie's Mighty Fine Kale Salad with Walnut Onion Dill Dressing, March 2012

#32 Aunt Nettie's Hot Lime Toddy, January 2012

#31 Aunt Nettie's Pumpkin Parsnip Soup, December 2011

#30 Aunt Nettie's Cream of Celery Soup, November 2011

#29 Aunt Nettie's Fresh Tomato Soup, October 2011

#28 Aunt Nettie's Lebanese Fatoush Salad, August 2011

#28 Aunt Nettie's Australian Bread Salad, August 2011

#28 Aunt Nettie's Mexican Tortilla Salad, August 2011

#28 Aunt Nettie's Lemon Oregano Dressing, August 2011

#28 Aunt Nettie's Dilly Herb Dressing, August 2011

#27 Aunt Nettie's Tex-Mex Barbecue Sauce, July 2011

#27 Aunt Nettie's Citrus Balsamic Basting Sauce, July 2011

#27 Aunt Nettie's Flavor of the Orient Marinade, July 2011

#26 Aunt Nettie's Whoppin' Big Lentil Burgers, June 2011

#25 Aunt Nettie's Two-Potato Hootnanny, May 2011

#24 Aunt Nettie's Red Lentil Sweet Potato Chowder, March 2011

#23 Aunt Nettie's Red Posy Ragout, February 2011

#22 Aunt Nettie's New Year Veggie Stew Pot, January 2011

#21 Aunt Nettie's Savory Christmas Limas, December 2010

#20 Aunt Nettie's Beans and Barley Hash, November 2010

#19 Aunt Nettie's Cabbage and Potato Chowder, October 2010

#18 Aunt Nettie's Country Style Potato Pie, September 2010

#17 Aunt Nettie's Bet-Yer-Boots Barley Salad, August 2010

#16 Aunt Nettie's Italian Bread Salad, July 2010

#15 Aunt Nettie's Quinoa Pattycakes, June 2010

#14 Aunt Nettie's Goodness Gracious Sweet Potato Risotto, May 2010

#13 Aunt Nettie's Cannellini Cakes with Roasted Tomato Sauce, April 2010

#12 Aunt Nettie's Black Bean Soup Tex Mex Style, March 2010

#11 Aunt Nettie's Red Lentil Vegetable Stew, February 2010

#10 Aunt Nettie's Homemade Tangy Barbecued Beans, January 2010

#9 Aunt Nettie's Stuffed Yams with Country Sausage and Gravy, December 2009

#8 Aunt Nettie's Curried Yellow Split Peas, November 2009

#7 Aunt Nettie's Cornmeal Mush Fancied up, October 2009

#6 Aunt Nettie's Family Style Peanut Stew, September 2009

#5 Aunt Nettie's Suppertime Potato Salad, August 2009

#4 Aunt Nettie's Potato Spinach and Sour Cream Soup, July 2009

#3 Aunt Nettie's Fava Bean Country Ragout, June 2009

#2 Aunt Nettie's Dirt Cheap Salad Dinner, May 2009

#1 Aunt Nettie's Old Fashioned Baked Beans, April 2009

Helpful Hints

Cleaning a Burned Pot, March 2014

Stop Frettin' 'Bout Protein, February 2012

Eat Carbs for Energy, April 2011

Vegetarians and Leather, March 2009

Cold Remedies, January 2008

Garlic Breath Remedy, June, 2007

Spices for Seasoning Raw Foods, March 2007

Cleaning Burned Pots, August 2006

Leftover Brown Rice, June 2006

Egg Substitutes/Egg Replacers, March 2006

Quick Vegetarian Meals, August/September 2005

Feeding Reluctant Children, November 2004/January 2005

Irritable Bowel and Constipation, November 2003

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Cooking, August 2003

Advice to Vegetarian Teens, July 2003

Vegan Breakfast Suggestions, January 2002

Cold Remedies, December 2001

Crudités, July 2001

Grinding Nuts and Seeds, April 2001

Cabbage Hints, March 2001

Preparing for a Fast, November 2000

Dry Cider, October 2000

Healing Cuts, September 2000

Using Kitchen Scissors, August 2000

Thickening Sauces, June/July 2000

Difference Between Fresh and Dried Herbs, May 2000

Home Remedies for the Common Cold, January 2000

Reamer for Juicing, December 1999

Kitchen Scale, September, 1999

Salad Spinner, August 1999

Leftover Baked Potatoes, July 1999

Getting Enough Protein as a Vegetarian, June 1999

Cooking Whole Grains Quicker, January 1999


New Roasted Onion and Hazelnut Butter, February 2009

New Year's Resolution Soup #2 ( Pan Asian Style), January 2009

Blueberry Chocolate Chip Tapioca Pudding, December 2008

Spicy Pumpkin Cookies, November 2008

Garbanzo Bean and Veggie Burger, October 2008

Low-Calorie, Low-Fat Tomato Sauce, October 2008

Brazilian Banana Bread, September 2008

Mango Salsa, August 2008

Avocado Almond Summer Soup, July 2008

Pecan Pea Pattie Sandwich, June 2008

Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms, May 2008

Steam Fried Kabocha, April 2008

California Walnut Soup, March 2008

Blue Ribbon Chocolate Truffles with Raspberry Sauce, February 2008

Persimmon Cranberry Relish, December 2007

Brandied Holiday Nog, December 2007

Spicy Pumpkin Cookies, November 2007

Hot Pea Vichysoise, October 2007

Langoon Noodle Salad, September 2007

Walnutty Mediterranean Mushrooms, August 2007

Creamy Apricot Thirst Slaker, July 2007

Feather-Light Garbanzo Butter, May 2007

Roasted Onions and Anise, April 2007

Bleeding Sweetheart Johnnies (Stuffed Tomatoes with Onion Dill Tofu Spread), February 2007

Top of the Morning Polenta with Fruity Topping, January 2007

Pear Cranberry Compote with Chocolate Toast, December 2006

Veggie Bacon Pumpkin Stew, November 2006

Onion Dill Tofu Spread, October 2006

Nut 'N' Nectarine Salad, September 2006

Glass Noodle Salad, July 2006

Savory Rice Pancakes, June 2006

Homemade Breakfast Patties, May 2006

Steam Fried Kabocha, April 2006

Mulligatawny Vegetable Soup, February 2006

Tofu Miso Vegetable Soup, January 2006

Christmas Artichoke Spread, December 2005

Nutty Granola, October/November 2005

Avocado Hummus, July 2005

Sunshine Barbecue Sauce, June 2005

Aunt Nettie's Famous Bacon Potato Salad, May 2005

Chipotle Beans, April 2005

Baked Beans on Toast, March 2005

Cholent, February 2005

Ultimate Chocolate Truffle with Cranberry Syrup, December 2004/January 2005

Sesame Fruit Smoothie, November 2004

Heirloom Tomato Salad Dressing, October 2004

Pecan Spread, August/September 2004

Ginger Fruit Butter Spread, July 2004

Mushroom Gravy, June 2004

Buckwheat 'N' Beans, June 2004

Sweet Pickled Jerusalem Artichokes, May 2004

Garlic Pickled Jerusalem Artichokes, May 2004

Hot Ginger Soy Soother, April 2004

Cream of Mushroom Soup, March 2004

Aunt Nettie's Country Bean Kettle, February 2004

Aunt Nettie's Meatloaf, January 2004

Blueberry Chocolate Chip Tapioca Pudding, December 2003

Mango Salsa, September/October 2003

Speedy Lentils, August 2003

Sunday Dinner Salad (Main Dish Salad), July 2003

Cherry Relish, June 2003

Oil Free Balsamic Vinaigrette, May 2003

Oil Free Cashew Lime Dressing, May 2003

Mock Chicken Soup (Vegetable Broth), April 2003

Matzoh Balls, April 2003

Red Bell Pepper Hummos Sandwich, March 2003

Nutty Carrot Sandwich, March 2003

Flaxseed Tea, February 2003

Fruited Millet, January 2003

Moroccan Carrots, December 2002

Hot Mulled Cranberry Punch, December 2002

Pumpkin Parsnip Soup, November 2002

Pistachio Kalamata Cheese Melt, October 2002

Kalamata Caper Salad Dressing, August/September 2002

Spiced Puree of Carrot, June/July 2002

Vegemite Sandwich, May 2002

Broccoli Slaw, April 2002

Hazelnut, Wine, and Mushroom Curry, March 2002

Tofu Scramble Breakfast, February 2002

Raw Rocky Road Oats, January 2002

Polynesian Paradise Lettuce Wraps, November 2001

Green Satin Mousse, September/October 2001

Vegetarian Barbecue, August 2001

Barbecued Tempeh, August 2001

Grilled Corn on the Cob, August 2001

Grilled Veggie Skewers, August 2001

Jamaican Spiced Portabella Mushroom, August 2001

Marinated Tofu, August 2001

Summer Quinoa, June 2001

Pistachio Fondue, May 2001

Cabbage Stir Fry, March 2001

Cole Slaw, March 2001

Almond Milk,January-February 2001

Soy Mayonnaise, December 2000

Tofu Sour Cream, December 2000

Vegetable Medley a la Grecque, October 2000

Paradise Scalloped Potatoes, April 2000

Original Pepper Tofu Jerky, March 2000

Hearty Lunch Suggestions, February 2000

Making Vegan Marsmallows, November 1999

Cooking Quinoa and Millet, October 1999

What to Do with Ripe Bananas, April-May 1999

"Breakfast Sundae," March 1999

Fastest Tofu in the West, February 1999

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